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What is VMware ThinApp Enterprise?

The thin app in basically a software development that has the ability to simplify the app migration by just isolating the application from the inherent operating method in order to eliminate the application battle as well as the Streamline delivery and the management system. It has the ability to accelerate the application deployment process   and also simplified application migration by the process of isolating the application from the underlying operating system in order to eliminate the application conflict as well as the streamline delivery along with the management for the users and developers.

OS Migrations

Whenever the migration process takes place from the previous Window OS version, the migrating Legacy web application that has the ability to rely on the Internet Explorer 6 with the use of the virtualizing IE6 as well as the program itself.

Server Consolidation

It has the ability to permit several different apps as well as the sandboxed user-specific configuration information in order to reside securely on the same server which is specific.

App Isolation

The elimination program as well as the conflicts that the process of isolating the application from each other as well as the underlying OS in order to make it executable file that can be quickly deployed to a lot of endpoint independently or with the use of the app volume.

Desktop Security

 The process of deploying the thin app has the ability to pack the locked down PC as well as permit the end-user in order to run the favorite software without having to undermine the security of it.

VMware ThinApp Enterprise Great Features:

It has the following features and attributes that are stated as below such as:

  • OS migrations are made easier and the user has the ability to quickly migrate the user legacy application to the Windows 7 or even the Windows 10 without having the need to record as well as retest and finally rectify.  If the user has already the packaged application with the thin app for the use or even the older version of the windows he has the ability to convert them to thin app window format along with the relink feature of thin app.
  • Application isolation for the conflict of the zero is basically about the packages of the entire 32-bit as well as a 64-bit application and the sitting right into a single executable MSI as well as EXE for the users on the developers.  The virtual applications are basically isolated right from each other and are executed independently without having to make any changes to the underlying operating system as well as eliminating the application to application conflict and finally the application to OS conflict. The thin app packages are capable of being delivered and managed with the help of the app volume for the entire lifecycle management.
  • No applications Silos means that the traditional model of IT of any application process server basically requires a dedicated hardware of the application which is specific that cannot be coexisted. The thin app has the ability to eliminate the application silos for the better use of the asset that are already existing and makes the user application is year in order to manage and deploy.
  • Security without the changes in the system it is about the application that can run in the restricted user account as well as on the locked down PC and it does not require to change anything in the system and does not require reducing the security policy.  It does not have the ability to give the application elevated permission to the devices that are on the machine itself think that unintended policy violations from occurring.
  • Mobile access can happen weather the user is on the road or in the office.  The user needs a very reliable as well as a flexible application access right across two devices and with the help of the thin app the user does not need to install the software or even the drivers of the device in order to get the admin rights.  The applications are capable of running directly from the portable storage devices which includes the flash drives.
  • Pricing is basically about the purchase of the standalone thin app.

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