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What is Steelray Project Viewer?

Anyone who handles a large number of Microsoft Project or Primavera P6 files might be looking for an easy solution to viewing these files. Steelray Project Viewer will offer an easy-to-use and compact project viewer that lets users browse through MPP and P6 documents quickly and without the need to use first software programs. It’ll provide them with numerous tools to view and navigate through the content of the project files, as well as different printing options that can be customized.

An intuitive interface that is consistent and offers the most comprehensive set of viewing tools that are offered in an easy-to-use assortment

The program has a well-engineered interface with a sleek layout that thoughtfully presents all of the tools. Every project is divided into modules that provide different ways to view the elements and sheets.

The features are all accessible and users can effortlessly access the various Gantt charts or resource sheets, sheets of task usage, and network diagrams. Some available modules include essential editing tools, but these may be too restricted for those who are a bit more demanding, as they can do copy and selection.

Explore the contents of P6 and MPP documents with the powerful Project Viewer, which includes the ability to select data and display diagrams. Tools.

The users will be able to open their P6 and MPP project documents, and the software will permit them to expand or collapse the contents of the sheets. In addition, it will allow users to choose only the most desired sections of the Project using the “Data” feature.

The diagrams for the Project can be visualized,, and one can use zooming tools that allow for simple navigation. When selecting various components of the diagram or the entire array of connections, users won’t be able to edit any feature to any extent. It’s an image viewer, but it would be interesting to see some minor editing options or even tools for commenting.

A handy Microsoft Project viewer that will allow users to visualize the desired Project’s content

This software is a good option for those looking for an easy method of browsing through the P6 and MPP documents. It provides a reliable method of visualizing the information spreadsheets included in Microsoft projects, offering a range of tools to navigate and expand the information sections you want. Users who are demanding may desire the edge when editing their open projects; however, they can overlook the essential editing tools since it’s only a viewer tool and performs well.

Steelray Project Viewer Great Features:


    Customers use steely Viewer in the industries with the most extensive project schedules (e.g., Aerospace/Defense, Construction).


    Preview all pages, one page, or actual size before printing. Scale and see the effects on the output, control page size and orientation, and header data. More accessible than printing in Project!


    Find what you need rapidly with the first search engine integrated into a project viewer. Search through task information, resource names, and dates.


    Opens Microsoft Project files from Microsoft Project 98 through Project 2019. Opens Primavera P6.XER files.


    Click on a task and see the detailed information. Select a resource name, and you’ll see the assignments for that resource. Click on a date and see what is starting, finishing, and in progress.


    An improvement on the original, not a clone of Microsoft Project or Primavera. Simplify project data for all who need it.

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