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What is Richardson Software EditRocket?

EditRocket is a text editor designed for programmers; EditRocket includes many features to write code faster with support for more than 20 languages, codes assistants and code builders search for methods and functions syntax highlighting, numerous other features. EditRocket can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris.

Apart from the technical requirements such as a computer and an ongoing Internet connection, thousands of codes allow one to read and interact with the other parts of the web page. This is the same for any other program you use on your system, and if you’re searching for an approach to create your own or review different projects, EditRocket could be the solution you’re seeking.

An intuitive and user-friendly interface

There’s a highly intuitive and customizable interface in a highly built-in development platform that can quickly get you started. Tab support lets you simultaneously work on your projects, while navigation panels give you easy access to the documents on your computer, including expressions library and others. Also, there’s an option to download a portable version if it catches your eye.

Documentation, templates, and library of resources

Another benefit is that you need only extensive programming skills to get on the right track, and those who are new to programming get a chance at getting a lesson or two. In this respect, there is a staggering quantity of documents available at your disposal, along with the ability to implement for various platforms and operating systems.

In addition, the sidekicks display every recognized form, variable, and expression, allowing you to import the data. It is also possible to create a new project by starting from scratch, using the programming language you prefer, and building on templates, including the famous “Hello World” program.

Choose your preferred programming language to create a program that is best suited to you.

To simplify your job, numerous functions and tools are packaged together, so the dependencies of other applications are kept to an absolute minimum. A wide range of programming languages is available to allow greater flexibility, with entries such as C, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, Python, Perl, and more to be among your options.

Improved workflow using IntelliSense and different wizards

Customization is a great feature. To improve your workflow, it is possible to be patient and tweak any settings, including syntax highlights, visual display, or FTP connections. Additionally, the program lets you set up external applications such as zip compression utilities or browsers to preview.

The editing area is surrounded by buttons and wizards, which are designed to speed up the process of creation. No matter what programming language you decide to use, it is equipped with IntelliSense to limit mistakes. In addition, a variety of wizards will help you create the code needed to create buttons, tables, images, and many other components.

Build, test, and export your work

The program aims to guide you through the entire process. This means that you don’t only record your code; however, you also get to examine it for mistakes or run your code to a compiler and the final version for distribution. Additionally, you can export your code to various file formats or upload it to your FTP or SFTP server by providing the appropriate login details.

To summarize it all

In a way, taking everything into account, In the end, we can conclude that EditRocked is a robust development environment that lets novices and experts create websites and applications starting from scratch. The user-friendly design ensures there are no issues with adaptation and the ability to support different programming languages. The auto-complete functions provide that each second you spend using EditRocked doesn’t go to waste.

Highlights of EditRocket

Source Code Editor

  • It includes various options, including macros, code inserts, plugins, syntax highlighting, and syntax for more than 20 programming languages and many more.

Coding Tools

  • Tools for coding include memorable language-specific sidekicks and code builders, function/ method navigators, program execution, and many more.

Web Development Tools

  • Web tools include a CSS style builder, an HTML tag builder tag navigators, which display websites in the web browser, integrate to local servers, and many more.


  • It includes validators to XML, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS that allow one-click navigation of the page that causes the error.

Search Tools

  • Search tools include regular expression-based search and replace and finding or replacing all files in the file system.

Automated Completion and Lookup

  • Auto code completion as well as auto tag completion and auto lookup for a variety of programming languages.

File System Browser

  • Browse directories and files using the single level or in tree-like mode. Create, move, rename, copy, delete files. Perform file operations, such as head or the tail, get section, and much more.

FTP and the SFTP Client

  • Access SFTP or FTP servers. Browse through, upload files, download, rename and delete directories, files, and more.

File Compare

  • You are comparing files in the same way as those used by the Unix diff command.

Richardson Software EditRocket Fantastic Features:

  • Syntax Highlighting for more than 20 programming languages
  • Code Sidekicks to C, C++, C#, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JSP, Perl, PHP, PL/SQL, Python, Ruby, Shell Script, SQL, SQL PL Transact-SQL, XML
  • Coding Builders that work with C, JavaScript, Java, Perl, PL/SQL, PHP, Python, Ruby, Shell Script, and Transact-SQL
  • A robust CSS Style Builder to build CSS style sheets as well as an HTML Tag Builder HTML Tidy Tool as well as HTML Entity Selector
  • CSS, HTML, and XML Validators
  • The programmer editor is the brain behind RazorSQL is a well-known database query tool from 2004.
  • The Text-to-HT Converter
  • HTML Wizards to create HTML tags and other constructs
  • Function/Method Navigators to display clickable lists of methods and functions included in the editor
  • Function/Method Lookup is a way of quick and easy insertion of processes or methods
  • The Tag Navigator tool for displaying the clickable list of tags that are contained within the editor.
  • Auto-Completion is available for many languages like the auto-completion of tags to HTML, PHP, and JSP Auto closing of tags in XML, HTML, PHP, and JSP Auto-Completion to Java, JavaScript, JSP, PL/SQL Python, and Ruby Display of function signatures to C as well as PHP and an auto code block completion to C Style languages.
  • Essential Ahead is a Key Ahead that can be customized according to the language to enter text quickly.
  • Bookmark functionality that allows you to navigate quickly through the code.
  • Recordable Macros for typical tasks
  • Code Inserts for more than 19 languages to quickly insert codes
  • A solid File System Browser
  • Tools for files like head and tail and regular expression search copy, move and delete
  • Highly efficient search tools such as regular expression Find, Replace Match Bracket, and Match Tag and Find/Replace in Tools for Files.
  • File Compare Tool for comparing files.
  • Templates for code that can be customized and pre-defined.
  • Spell Checker
  • Compatible with most operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris.

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