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What is XML ValidatorBuddy?

XML ValidatorBuddy XMLSpy Plugin adds Schematron validation capabilities into Altova XMLSpy, which allows users to validate any or all XML files directly from the editor.

With it, you can examine the integrity of your XML files, receive errors, and compare them to schema files of different types. After installing the plugin, it is fully integrated into the XMLSpy’s interface. You may also drag and drop it around and make it a un-dockable window.

XML Validator Buddy Desktop is a user-friendly collection of XML tools that allow you to edit, verify, transform, and even manage various XML and JSON data. The text editor and grid windows feature syntax-coloring and a variety of entry-helpers to make and edit all XML and JSON content in just a few clicks. Add XML and JSON schemas to your content and use the built-in validator in just one click. Utilize to run the XML and JSON validator in batch mode, to test all kinds of documents and generate a complete error report. XML ValidatorBuddy can support XSD, DTD, and Schematron rules with an easy-to-use XML validator. Change XML or JSON into HTML directly using the editor, or implement XSL transforms on multiple documents simultaneously on your hard disk. The distinctive Explorer window that includes XML and JSON-related enhancements lets everyone use XML or JSON technologies easily and efficiently.

Validation errors can be seen and rectified directly within XMLSpy. This means you’ll be able to cut down on the time and effort of running an external validation tool to verify your files.

This plugin relies on Schematron, XML ValidatorBuddy XMLSpy plugin makes it simple for users to verify XML documents. The benefit lies in that Schematron can handle the constraints of other schema languages that they aren’t compatible with.

Also, Schematron rules can comprise any of XPath statements. Suppose you require an element to be equipped with specific characteristics or require validation through the contents of its siblings. In that case, the XML ValidatorBuddy XMLSpy plugin can help to get it done.

This XMLSpy ValidatorBuddy Plugin allows you to start validation by pressing the F8 key as the default for this command. The results can be quickly copied into the new document.

XML ValidatorBuddy Great Features:

  • XML validator¬†software for W3C, DTD, Schematron, RelaxNG and JSON Schema
  • Know instantly which XSD or DTD is assigned to your XML data.
  • Complete XML and JSON editor with grid and text editor windows.
  • Check¬†your XML and run XSL transformations for one or multiple documents with just a few clicks.
  • Find all XML documents with no XSD or DTD reference without the need to open them manually.
  • Run any XSL transformation as a custom user tool with a single click.
  • JSON/XML conversions – JSON syntax checking
  • Sign and verify XML documents with digital signatures.

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