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What is XLineSoft ASPRunner.NET?

Gather sophisticated web database software to your client’s precise needs with ASPRunner.NET low-code platform. ASPRunner.NET allows you to create strong, dynamic, and secure programs around 20 times faster than traditional software coding.

The site off the shelve

With ASPRunner.NET, you receive a whole web application using a set of web pages that tie together right from the box. Each of the webpages has been professionally designed yet highly customizable and supplies a vast selection of functionality.

  • Multiple color themes and designs
  • View, add, edit, delete, search, export, and publish pages outside the box.
  • So Simple to Use, it is possible to create your initial ASP site in Only moments.
  • No programming needed
  • Constructed FTP Client to upload ASP.NET pages to the Internet host

Full Customization

Make your site exceptional! ASPRunner.NET supplies you with numerous site designs, color schemes, and an innovative WYSIWYG visual editor. It provides you with all of the needed tools to customize every page’s visual appearance with the simplicity of drag-n-drop.

  • WYSIWYG Visual Editor using drag-n-drop capacities
  • Multilingual templates. Ability to choose language while logging into
  • Pictures and files aid
  • Easy integration with existing site
  • Powerful Charts and Reports builder
  • Rich text editor controllers

Peace of Mind Security

You’ll have the ability to password-protect access to your own internet applications with very flexible yet powerful security and permissions, including ASPRunner.NET straight from the box. You can pick the degree of granularity and elegance to your content protection. Regardless of your company’s needs with our applications, your data confidentially is well shielded.

  • Robust Site password security
  • User self-registration, password reminder, and change password pages
  • Flexible user group permissions
  • Online lively consent placing
  • CAPTCHA security
  • Password protection and power investigation

XLineSoft ASPRunner.NET Great Features:

broad Assortment of database service

ASPRunner.NET supports several database types, including MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. You could even link it into an Excel spreadsheet. Even if you don’t have a database, then the program can allow you to create one.

Visual Editor

WYSIWYG Visual Editor from ASPRunner.NET permits you to personalize your program’s appearance and feel with the simplicity of drag-n-drop. ASPRunner.NET will give you the suggested design for every page. But, each one of the components on the webpage can easily be altered. The Visual Editor permits you to drag and drop, copy and paste the items around the webpage. For everyone, the labels and fields on the webpage, you can change the font, size, color, design, indentation, and orientation. The Visual Editor permits you to leap right into generated HTML code and create your alterations.

Reports and Charts

ASPRunner.NET lets you construct complex color-rich, highly customizable interactive graphs and reports to match your site. You’ll have the ability to pick from several graphs and report kinds. You can also receive a Web Records and Reports Builder as part of the Enterprise Edition of ASPRunner.NET, which will allow you to construct the graphs and reports on the web.

Exactly like in the program, Internet Charts and Reports Builder provides a massive choice of graphs and reports which require only minutes to construct. It is possible to reuse the same security settings you have set from the app to choose which data sources you’d like to expose to the consumers and what permissions those users will have.

Application Preview

When you’ve assembled your web program, ASPRunner.NET supplies you with several choices of the best way to preview it. The ideal choice is to run your program using a built-in Internet server. You may even upload files to the remote Web server with an FTP client. It is possible to publish your program to our Demo Account Server or subscribe to our Web hosting especially dedicated to ASPRunner.NET clients.

SQL Editor

ASPRunner.NET automatically makes a SQL query that is readily altered in the graphic pane or as text. The SQL Editor also lets you preview your SQL statement results, produce joins together with drag and drop and define the standards (in which, order by, group by, etc.).


ASPRunner.NET permits you to password-protect the accessibility to a web application. You can either hardcode the password and username or keep the login mixtures in the database. ASPRunner.NET also lets you place the user groups’ consent at which you can limit the views and tables, pages, and website performance either directly from the software or on the internet.

Enterprise Edition of ASPRunner.NET adds Active Directory support.

User Interface Settings

ASPRunner.NET allows you to produce a New User Registration page and secure your webpages from SPAM abusers using CAPTCHA security, which readily decides whether the consumer is a computer or an individual. You may even restrict the users from penetrating poor passwords and permit them to ask for password reminders.

Dynamic Permissions

With lively permissions, ASPRunner.NET will allow you to create and alter the permissions and assign users to particular groups directly in the established web application. Each time you’ll have to alter the permissions, then create a new set or assign users to groups you will not need to rebuild your job. Dynamic Permissions are particularly beneficial in bigger businesses in which the program security administrators aren’t the real users of ASPRunner.NET computer software.

Design Editor

Using Style Editor from ASPRunner.NET, you can customize your web application’s visual appearance by choosing from a vast assortment of page layouts and color schemes and changing them. You can quickly preview the results.

Multilanguage service

ASPRunner.NET supports over 30 languages providing your customers the ability to pick the language when logging into. You might even include the dictionary for table titles and fields. The list of languages that are supported comprises Afrikaans, Arabic, Bosnian, Catalan, Chinese, Chinese (Hong Kong S.A.R.), Chinese (Taiwan), Croatian, Danish, Dutch (Belgian), Dutch (Standard), English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, Norwegian (Bokmal), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Standard), Romanian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Urdu.


Using ASPRunner.NET, you can expand your program’s functionality by adding occasions – fragments of ASP code. You’ll have the ability to specify what an occasion should do and if it needs to be implemented. A normal event is sending an email using new information, storing data in a different table, checking document uniqueness, showing associated with present record information, etc… You may either pick one of the predefined events or compose your own from scratch.

Master-Detail Relationships

In ASPRunner.NET, all your data sources and the connections between them, such as master-detail, are displayed, making them quite intuitive to comprehend and handle. You’ll have the ability to link a few data sets with a simple drag-n-drop. As soon as you have the connections created in the program, you’ll be able to browse through master documents and immediately jump to the particulars of these documents. Some fundamental master-detail relationships are orders and customer information, patient and healthcare documents, or student-and courses advice.

Rich Text Editor Controls

ASPRunner.NET supports three third-party rich text editors to permit fantastic control over article formatting, such as frequent structural remedies such as lists; formatting remedies such as bold and italic text drag-and-drop addition and sizing of pictures. The three choices include the Fundamental Rich Text Editor, CKEditor, and InnovaStudio Editor that change characteristics, flexibility, and footprint.

Pictures and Records

ASPRunner.NET enables you to upload files and pictures of any kind to your database or into a directory online server. You might even make the picture thumbnails on the fly, resize them, and exhibit them with iBox.

Stinks Drop-down Boxes

Using ASPRunner.NET, you can utilize connected drop-down boxes, in which values displayed in the 2nd drop-down box are based on the value you have selected in the initial one. You may link together as many drop-down boxes because you need a linear string or possess multiple drop-down boxes connected to the identical master drop-down command.

Edit Controls

ASPRunner.NET supplies a massive assortment of edit controllers, allowing you to personalize the areas’ look on Edit and Insert pages. The field formats you may select from include text area, date, time, check box, radio button, file/image, search magician, and many others.

Integration with existing site

ASPRunner.NET enables you to seamlessly incorporate the net applications you build into your current website. You’ll have the ability to carefully match the appearance and feel of everyone on your pages.

Ajax-based performance

ASPRunner.NET includes built-in AJAX-based performance, which makes your sites considerably more user-friendly. It is possible to search for information more readily than despite the google-like auto-suggest attributes. The AJAX pushed dependent dropdown boxes also load considerably quicker. With Ajax, you’ll have the ability to preview the articles simply by hovering over the links.

FTP Upload

ASPRunner.NET will permit you to upload the whole set of pages into your server through FTP. You’ll have the ability to place the upload attributes based on your requirements.

Create/Modify Database Tables

ASPRunner.NET will permit you to create and change tables directly in the computer software. You’ll have access to table properties where you can set the domain names, sizes, types, in addition to place the primary key area. If you do not have a database in any way, ASPRunner.NET will also allow you to create one.

Cascade Menu Builder

Cascade Menu Builder enables you to arrange your tables into a multi-purpose menu for faster navigation. This attribute is very beneficial for users with many tables. You can have as many groups and subgroups as you want. Based upon your page design, the cascade menu will appear as a flat menu, vertical menu, or even a tree-like vertical menu.

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