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What is xlCompiler?

In general, xlCompiler is a remarkable application for converting your Excel workbooks to executable machine code. It generates the Windows Program from the Excel workbook, and the workbook is altered to fast and effective code. The default option ribbon has several tabs with all the fundamental functions. It is likely to change, remove or hide them.

XlCompiler has a high-speed and strong Spreadsheet Engine in which will let you make the program easily. You can use shapes to create a perfect layout for your product. It allows you to produce charts in addition to diagrams that are from the information on your spreadsheet. It’s a distinctive product that can create a completely standalone Windows Application? You might also put in your own tabs together with the controls.

XlCompiler is a remarkable program that’s used to place your Excel workbook to the executable machine code. It generates the Windows Program from the Excel workbook and is converted to fast and effective code. It’s a special product that may create a completely standalone Windows Application.

XlCompiler is a good tool for converting Excel files to executable applications. You don’t have to worry about leaking macros and formulas used in Excel documents. This tool transforms whatever you do in an executable file that may be deciphered much lower than if you spread it. The last document doesn’t require Excel to operate, and also, inside the executable file, you’ll feel like working using a straightforward Excel environment. This app has a high level of flexibility and permits you to design the last program by your preference so that your customers do not understand that the app is produced with Excel. Besides flexibility and security, the significant benefits of working with this tool are that the greater speed of program implementation is in contrast to the Excel version of your spreadsheet document.

XlCompiler Great Attributes:

Convert Book to Program

XlCompiler generates Windows Program from the Excel workbook. The workbook is converted to quick and effective code. It’s possible to use the whole power of this spreadsheet within your version.

Safeguard your privacy

The best method to shield the Excel workbook for supply – would be to convert it into a binary executable. XlCompiler generates an application file that has all formulas and macros converted to machine code.

Excel Isn’t required.

XlCompiler is an exceptional product that produces completely standalone Windows Applications. That is an accurate Spreadsheet Compiler. Created EXE does not rely on Excel or other applications.

More than Only a Spreadsheet

XlCompiler is a flexible and powerful approach to produce unique kinds of applications. Your clients won’t know You made that program out of an Excel workbook.

Accelerate your version

The compiled program runs considerably faster than the initial workbook. This is the result of transformation and optimizations performed by xlCompiler.

A rich collection of Components

There’s no Development Environment available on the current market, which supplies you the same pair of elements as xlCompiler has. You shouldn’t purchase and utilize third-party modules.

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