Download Winsoft Bluetooth Library macOS v1.3 for D10.3-D11 Full Source

What is Winsoft Bluetooth Library for macOS?

The Bluetooth Library for the MacOS Delphi as well as the Bluetooth library for the MacOS.

Winsoft Bluetooth Library for macOS Great Features:

The features and attributes of the Bluetooth library Mac OS are stated as below such as:

  • It has the ability to use the core Bluetooth API¬†easily and flexibly.
  • It has the capability to support the clients of BLE.
  • It is very much available for the Delphi¬†10.3 as well as 10.4.
  • The source code which is included is basically in the registered version.
  • It has the ability to provide a royalty-free distribution in the application for the users and the developers.

Click on the below link to download Winsoft Bluetooth Library for macOS NOW!

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