Download Website Watchman v3.1.5 for macOS + CRACK

What is Website Watchman for macOS?

Website Watchman is a simple-to-use web archive tool. Monitor archives, monitor, and even go back in time.

The Watchman WebsiteGreat Features:

  • Check a complete website or a portion of a website or a page
  • Configure multiple configurations to accommodate websites or pages
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and weekly scans
  • Be aware of any modifications, the visible code, or modifications to the resources on the page.
  • It is essential to be able to prove what a particular page looked like at a specific time
  • Be aware of any changes to a competitor’s Website or page
  • It is run locally, not cloud-based. Own your data.
  • A backup is maintained with all updates to images, pages styles sheets, Js
  • You can view a live version of a page from the past, Not a screenshot
  • Switch between different page versions to see how they compare the two versions.
  • Export a historical page as an image or as a collection of all its files
  • The entire site is exported and saved all the documents as they appeared on an exact date or processed to create a local browsable replica of the Website.

Click on the below link to download Website Watchman for macOS with CRACK NOW!

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