Download TMS FlexCel DLL v7.15 for D6-11 Full Source

What is TMS FlexCel DLL?

TMS FlexCel DLL Write, read, manipulate XLS, XLSX and produce HTML or PDF reports using every Windows programing language, or scripting

TMS FlexCel DLL with Great Features:

  • DLL-based interface for reading/writing XLS, XLSX, XLSM files
  • Manipulate Excel files using every Windows programming or scripting compatible with DLLs.
  • This includes direct DLL wrappers and function imports for older Delphi versions.
  • Can handle encrypted XLS, XLSX files
  • Conversion of XLS or XLSX files into HTML and PDF documents
  • Create PDF, HTML reports using XLS,XLSX files
  • This is an easy to install DLL and is usable on any machine that does not have Excel installed
  • Included DLL import unit and wrapper that supports Delphi 6. Delphi 10 Seattle
  • Includes 32 and 64-bit DLLs

Click on the below link to download TMS FlexCel DLL for Delphi Full Source NOW!

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