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What is Progress Telerik UI for Universal Windows Platform (UWP)?

Telerik UI   for the universal platform of the windows is considered to be developed in order to Target the universal windows program platform as well as the process of development and also to provide a user with an exceptional experience which is based on the Microsoft instruction of UX for the runtime program of the windows.

Key Characteristics of Telerik UI for Universal Windows Platform:

  • Build One Program to Attain All Windows 10 Devices: 

    The frequent as well as the device family specific API are basically bundled in the progress of the Telerik UI mainly for the UWP.  It has the capability to easily execute the different functionalities into the user jobs of UWP and also to make the program package running on each and every apparatus which is located in the Windows 10 apparatus family. 

  • Rich Collection of Software Building Blocks: 

    It has the capability to save a lot of time for the development as well as provide a huge assortment of the out of the box controls for different applications along with the scenarios.  It has the ability to handle data along with the list view part or Grid the capability to create a very beautiful visualization with the use of the gauges, charts, and also controls for the bullet graph.

  • Unrivaled Performance and UX:

    It has the capability to easily create the complicated as well as a high-resolution program for the users as well as the desktop tables and telephones.  The huge expertise of the XAML basically means that it has the ability to know the design bottleneck and also has the ability to assemble the different parts in order to leave in the very effective and performant manner.

  • Developer Friendly and Easily configurable:

    The user has the capability to start with the process instantly and also to reveal the intuitive and counter along with the comprehensive documentation process which is online. There is an unlimited love as well as the customization capability provided to the user in order to modify the controller manner and also to construct the appearance of the program which belongs to the user.

  • Open-Source or Industrial Permit:

    It permits the user to pick between the open-minded or even the commercial variance that are present of the Telerik UI for UWP which is basically determined by the requirement of the user company.  The commercial license is very ideal selection for the user and mainly it is a specialist application which requires professional assistance as well as technical.

  • Support During Your Evaluation:

    The user has the capability to get the industry-leading technician support during the evaluation process directly from the program who are capable of making the packages.  The user also has the ability to examine the extensive documentation which is online in order to get faster and better results.

The features and attributes of the Telerik UI 

It has the following features and attributes that are stated as below such as:

  • It permits the user to choose between the open-source as well as the commercial version.
  • The commercial version as well as the license is considered to be the best choice for the professional application as well as LoB and it requires expert and timely support which is technical.
  • It permits the user in order to get the industry-leading support during the process of evaluation as well as the. Directly from the users and developers who have a created the suite.
  • The user also has the capability to review the online documentation which is expensive and to obtain a faster result.
  • It is considered to be very user-friendly and can be easily customizable.
  • It has the ability to provide an open-source or even a commercial license to its users.
  • There is a unique support for the users during the user evaluation process.
  • It also has the capability to save a lot of time along with a huge range of controls for different scenarios.
  • It has the capability to manage as well as grid the data which is available in order to create a beautiful data visualization with the help of the Bullet graph control. 

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