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What is Telerik UI for WPF ?

Construct beautiful and high-performance WPF business software quickly. Currently with .NET Core Service.

Telerik UI for WPF is a whole business toolset for constructing the next-generation field of business and kiosk software for the Windows Presentation Foundation and leveraging years of excellence in addition to the potential of the platform Telerik UI for WPF controllers supply visually attractive a more high-performance, and a shortcut into the planet of user experiences.

Telerik UI for WPF Great Features:

  • Modern Professional Themes: Give your program a unique and contemporary appearance with a vast array of Office, Windows, and Visual Studio motivated topics.

  • Document Processing: Procedure the very ordinary Text, Spreadsheet, and PDF document formats with no dependencies on external libraries.

  • Full Collection of Controls: Leverage a whole suite of WPF UI controllers and assemble high-performance, wealthy, and gorgeous desktop applications at half the time.

  • Outstanding Performance and User Experience: Produce quick, optimized, and professional-looking programs.

  • Intuitive API: Get up and running quickly with an intuitive API that integrates seamlessly in your Visual Studio Toolbox.

  • MVVM Support: Produce dependable, well-structured, and readily maintainable software.

  • Touch Service: Constructed touch service for your desktop program.

  • Coded UI Tests: Telerik UI controls may be maintainable in any test-driven development procedure.

  • .NET Core 3.1 Support: Migrate your WPF program constructed with Telerik UI to get WPF into .NET Core and manage all of the benefits of the frame

  • Conversational UI – Modern UI for Chatbots: Produce a contemporary chatbot encounter on your desktop software.

What is New at Telerik UI for WPF 2020 R2 SP1?

.NET 5 Preview Service

Rolling out .NET five will probably be among the things from the .NET planet in the last ten years, and Microsoft has provided us! For the first time in .NET background, there’ll be one frame to deal with all program versions, such as ASP.NET Core, Blazor Xamarin, and yes — WPF!

The Telerik team operates in close cooperation, and we’re pleased to announce you could test all of Telerik UI to get WPF controllers in .NET preview.

.NET Core Project Converter

Alleviate your projects’ migration using .NET Core Project Converter — a Visual Studio tooling to get WPF that will allow you to convert your existing projects targeting the .NET design into .NET Core ones.

Callout controller

The Telerik Callout management for WPF is intended to highlight important info to end-users, for example, strikes, warnings, tooltips, etc.. Helpful for the execution of this getting started expertise of your program, or should you want to point the consumer’s attention. The controller can be announced in XAML or put within a popup component and can be customized to match almost any application situation. The Callout controller for WPF is outfitted with the following attributes:

  • Callout at XAML: the controller could be announced in XAML.
  • Callout at Popup: as an alternative, you can put the Callout controller in a popup that’s open to consumer interaction like clicking, mouse-over, etc..
  • Animations: when in a popup manner, the controller supports various cartoons.
  • Adaptive layout; completely customizable appearance of their human body and arrow.
  • Integration in different controllers: easily incorporate the Callout controller with other Telerik for WPF controls, for example, Maps, Charts, etc..
  • Theming: like any other controller from the Telerik UI to get the WPF package, the Callout controller includes various themes.

Notify Icon control

The Telerik Notify Icon is a UI controller now in a beta version that shows an icon in the Windows taskbar notification area and can react to user interaction, in addition to displaying various significant information like tooltips, popups, and balloon alarms about present application procedures. The Notify Icon for WPF Has a rich collection of attributes, including:

  • Popup: exhibit a popup upon consumer interaction with the icon or by manually calling the vulnerable method.
  • Context Menu: display a context menu once the end-user interacts with the icon.
  • Tooltip: screen and personalize a tooltip once the user hovers over the icon.
  • Balloon alarms: catch the eye of the consumer by demonstrating a balloon-type notification.

Multi-level hierarchy service for NavigationView

Like the Windows email application’s hamburger menu, the library service for your Telerik NavigationView controller enables a submenu to start when clicking on a product. This attribute is beneficial once you would like to arrange numerous objects based on particular criteria, e.g., important or less important.

Computer navigation for TreeView & PropertyGrid

The computer keyboard search navigation attribute for TreeView and WPF PropertyGrid empowers users to browse to a particular item, or to press on a personality and choose each issue beginning with that personality.

Custom time index for ScheduleView

This characteristic of the ScheduleView controller for WPF of Telerik will allow you to incorporate custom time indexes.

Content Controls for RichTextBox

The Content Controls for your RichTextBox for WPF allow users to add specific semantics, such as restricting input, altering editing behavior, etc., to elements of a particular document. The material controllers could be described on the level, or Block Row and may be nested within one another.

The material controllers that are supported will be the following:

  • Full text: signifies a block of text that is rich, where you can include formatted text or other objects (e.g., images, tables, or other content controllers ). It may contain anything and is material management.

  • Plain text: a block of plain text along with its content, may simply consist of one paragraph or table cell.

  • Picture content management: It may be used within templates, gets the power to bring a picture placeholder that can later be edited to include a photo in a model.

  • Repeating Section: it comprises at least one entire paragraph of Text (Repeating Section Thing ), which may be replicated several times.

  • CheckBox: Content management may be used to represent a binary option. The default values have been”checked” and”unchecked,” but it might include any set of symbols defined in almost any font installed on the current machine.

  • Combo Box: At a combo box, you can pick a product in a list of alternatives, or you could provide your customized text.

  • Drop-Down Listing: Contrary to the combo box, the contents of a drop-down listing ought to be among the pre-defined options.

  • Date Picker: It may be utilized in a template or form to signify a valid date ought to be entered.

The RichTextBox content controllers have properties that are both specific and common. The features, shared with all content controllers, while the ones that are particular apply to just a couple.

It’s possible to work together with the RichTextBox content controllers either programmatically, where content controllers can be manipulated by you or make new ones, or directly using the content controllers’ UI.

Streamlining the PdfViewer and PdfProcessing Models (Preview)

Mergers tend to generate a powerful thing, and our staff was working towards using the PdfViewer and PdfProcessing’s architecture, which will let us achieve feature parity. Furthermore, this is the first step in allowing editing operations to the PdfViewer.With this launch, we’re announcing the immediate availability of this newest version that’s still in preview and discretionary for now.
Stay tuned and keep your eye on the blog to learn more, we’ll shortly reach full feature parity and change to the new version!

Exception Handling in PdfProcessing

The PdfProcessing library is armed, which permits the handling and the interpretation of this file when it loaded or is imported. The feature introduces two occasions, such as exceptions — one is triggered whereas the latter happens during the loading procedure when an exception occurs during the import.

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