Download Telerik UI for Silverlight v2022.2.621 Full Version

What is Telerik UI for Silverlight?

Telerik UI for Silverlight provides native Controllers for Silverlight 5. The suite includes more than 100 UI controls for building rich Silverlight applications that are line-of-business.

Sharing the identical codebase, the Silverlight controls offer theming capabilities that will dramatically enhance your RIA development and intuitive and clean API support.

Telerik UI for Silverlight Great Features:

  • Extensive Set of Controls: The most comprehensive suite of Silverlight UI controls for creating rich, beautiful LOB applications.
  • Professional-Looking Topics: Built-in themes for a professional look and feel.

  • Exceptional Performance and User Experience: Create professional-looking and fast applications.

  • Intuitive API: Integrate seamlessly in your Visual Studio Toolbox.

  • Document Processing: Procedure the most common text, spreadsheet, and PDF file formats with no dependencies on external libraries.

  • MVVM Support: Create dependable, well-structured, and readily maintainable applications.

  • Touch Support: Built-in touch support.

  • Export Support: Easily export data to Many Different formats.

  • Drag and Drop Support: Built-in drag and drop support for virtually any scenario.

What is New at Telerik UI for Silverlight 2020 R2 SP1?

Custom time indexes for ScheduleView

The feature gives the ability to add custom time indexes to you. This attribute is particularly useful when dealing with multiple time zones. In the case of an appointment scheduler, you’d love to indicate the appointments in the time zone of where they occur as opposed to the local time zone of this user.

Schedule View: Agenda View mode for Silverlight

The Schedule View to get the Silverlight controller of Telerik is currently outfitted with an Agenda View mode. The newest Schedule View mode allows you to display your appointments at a list grouped by date. You can tailor the setting of modifying the styling for the text labels, time, and date formats to visualize the file.

RibbonUI into the Diagram

We all know that is building your ribbon UI may be a demanding and tedious task. Therefore we’ve done it! From the VS Toolbox, now you can utilize the RibbonUI that is readily available directly with this launch, to allow the end-users of your app to examine and alter the diagram items’ preferences.

Smart Routing into the Diagram

We are introducing a brand new mechanism, also, to make sure that the connections between shapes and objects don’t overlap or intersect, leading to readability and better visualization for your end-user.

Custom Categories and Functions into the Expression Editor

You can enable the users of your program to add custom classes and functions to the UI, as well as remove and modify the available ones.

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