Download Telerik JustMock v2022.2.621.1 Full Version

What is Telerik JustMock?

The Fastest, Most Flexible, and Mocking Option for Crafting Unit Tests.

Telerik JustMock is also simple to use a mocking tool intended to assist you in producing better unit tests faster than ever. JustMock makes it easier for you to create objects and establish expectations of dependencies, for example, internet service requirements, databases, or code.

The JustMock API is fully AAA (Arrange/Act/Assert) oriented, so assisting you to maintain your unit tests nicely structured, readable, and clean. Whether or not you attempt to mock a class, an interface or a static course is precisely the same.

Telerik JustMock Great Attributes:

  • Eliminate the bother of Writing Unit Tests: JustMock lets you readily isolate your testing situation and allows you to concentrate on the logic that you wish to confirm. It integrates with your unit testing framework and also makes unit testing and mocking quick and straightforward.
  • Use Arrange, Act, Assert (AAA) Pattern: JustMock uses a AAA blueprint that makes it possible to maintain your unit tests nicely structured, readable, and clean. It comes with discoverability with easy-to-use API, eloquent, and a single intuitive.

  • Mock Types and Members With Any accessibility Modifiers: Mock everything such as non-virtual procedures, sealed classes, static methods, and courses, in addition to non-public members and forms anyplace even members of MsCorLib.

  • Fully Profiled Automocking: JustMock makes analyzing legacy code simpler and saves time and effort by merely implicitly producing each dependence as a distinctive mock and further guarantees secure unit evaluations.

  • Build Systems Integration: JustMock works seamlessly on your endless build configuration, such as TFS, Jenkins, TeamCity, along with other construct servers.

  • Integrate with Visual Studio and Additional Tools: JustMock integrates flawlessly with Visual Studio 2010 – 2019, in addition to other applications like DotCover, OpenCover, NCrunch, PostSharp, and much more.

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