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What is Reportizer?

Reportizer is considered to be a program application which is available in order to produce databases as well as reports of the record for the users and developers. The employment of the Reportizer can help the user in order to create a very professional report in a couple of minutes easily and flexibly. Visual Report Designer the other hand can be edited in a very easy way or the user and it is a powerful visual report Builder with the use of the real estate inspector along with a toolbar, as well as the interface of the drag-and-drop process, the performance of undo and redo, and a few more to be mentioned.  For the users who are Advanced there is an option in order to modify the report in a mode of text.   It is considered to be a very suitable editor of SQL as a database questions are basically written in a convenient editor of SQL along with the syntax highlighting as well as completion of the code.  Right in the court of the SQL all the characteristics of the SQL of the user database are basically and correct and it is possible in order to utilize the parameters of the query as well as the macros that are basically employed dynamically during the runtime.  There is a powerful report generation and study engine of the Reportizer has the capability in order to calculate the expression such as formulas and also to rebuild the pictures basically static or dynamic which are being loaded from the database or even the files and also to set records levels and subtotals.

Reportizer Great Features:

It has the following features and attributes that are stated as below such as:

  • It is considered to be a very flexible storing report collection for the user and developer.
  • The report has the ability to be stored either in a file or even a database table.
  • It permits the user in order to register storage in a program along with a friendly names and also to switch between them easily.
  • It contains a small read only utility that can be used by the end user and it has the ability to open and print the report that are created right in the Reportizer for the user and developer either from the command line or GUI.
  • The reports are capable of being exported to the format of HTML, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and even bitmap.
  • It has the capability to load as well as print the report along with a large set of options that are available for the users.
  • Reportizer has the ability to use the Windows file system just like the database where the folders are tables and the stop folders and files are capable of representing the table records.
  • It is considered to be a universal reporting tool which is available for the user and it has the ability to work with the major databases such as Oracle, inter base, Firebird, SQL Server, Excel, FoxPro, paradox, SQLite and a few more to be mentioned.
  • The reports are capable of being edited in a very convenient manner along with the inspector of the toolbar as well as other options in order to modify the report in a mode of text.

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