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What is RedGate Smart Assembly?

The Smart assembly has the ability to decode the stack traces as well as generate the files of the .pdb that are containing information about the debugging.  It permits the users and the developers to debug the assembly into the IDE and to get an entire stack trace whatever there is an occurrence of an exception. It even can help a user and the developer to ensure that the user is automatically releasing the memory which is unneeded. The Smart Assembly is an obfuscator which has the ability to help as well as protect the user program against the alteration as well as reverse engineering processes.  If the user’s entire company is resetting on the IP which is embodied in the user application, it does not require that users C# or even the VB.NET code globally to be vulnerable. The user can receive extensive attributes of the obfuscation. It is also described to be a loading code for the protection as well as improvement of the tools which has multiple levels and is capable of protecting the user software as well as defend the software from the process of reverse engineering.  It permits the users on the developer to attach data which is custom to the reports that are obtained such as log file as well as screenshots.  It is a process by which the tool is captured and it allows the users to focus more on the process of the design.  It is also known to be an agent for the development which permits the users at the developers to create the existing cards that are existing in the assembler or even the sub-assemblies to configure parts that are new or sub-assemblies.  The users are capable of developing a program in simple as well as flexible use of the language. The smart assembly is capable of providing the users with a very powerful script language to define the templates with the use of the component as well as the features that are available.  A powerful machine design and function is also provided by the smart assembly such as library management as well as other different standard functions and components. It can define the automation rules that are required with the use of the features as well as a standard component along with assemblies.  It can define the project along with its templates and the data to be reused, to be copied automatically, and even be renamed along with all the manufacturing files that are copied to the projects that are newly created.

Features of the Red Gate Smart Assembly

The features and the attributes of the Smart Assembly as stated below:

  • Name mangling: It can change the names that belong to the methods as well as the fields to make it hard to be understood by others about their purpose.
  • Control flow obfuscation: It can convert the codes right inside the methods to make it difficult and to see the application as to how it works.
  • Reference Dynamic proxy: It is described to be an ability that has the power to create a proxy for all the calls to method the outside of the user assembly and make it harder to find external calls.
  • String encoding: in this feature strings are being encoded to be used in the user software to hide information as well as the SQL queries.
  • Resources compression and encryption process: This feature can compress as well as encrypt resources that are managed to make them harder to be understood as well as reduces the size of the assembly and makes it more comfortable at the same time suitable.
  • Pruning: In this feature, non-useful metadata is being removed to make codes harder, and to reverse the engineering process, reduce their assembly’s size as well as improve the time of the loading.
  • Merging of the dependencies: It can take all the DLLs and merges the dependencies into one main assembly so that the user does not have to load a lot of different files of DLL for them to be obfuscated.
  • Declaring of the obfuscation: In this method, a member is being excluded from obfuscation with the use of the attributes that are custom in nature directly in the user code.

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