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What is Output Messenger Server?

Suppose you consider the management of team projects as one of your responsibilities. In that case, it is likely you’re looking to find a system that will allow you to communicate with all of your team members and colleagues in real-time.

Output Messenger can be described as an instant message tool that lets you use video and voice chat remote desktop sharing and file transfer, as well as sending reminders or notes to a specific person or group.

Clean and user-friendly interface

The first thing you should do is know that you will need to install Output Messenger Server Manager. Output Messenger Server Manager installed to set up the groups of users and groups. While the process of installing Messenger and Server Manager isn’t long, creating groups and signing up users to the correct categories can take some time.

However, the user-friendly interface could aid you in getting this task completed quickly. Because you can easily remove and add users, groups, and chat rooms easily, as well as customize the interface to display precisely what you need. Thus, the application can assist you in saving a lot of time over time.

There are many ways to keep your staff up-to-date

From sharing photos and files to live video chats between users and groups. The app offers all the features and functions you’d think of to find in the IM tool.

In addition to the usual features, the app lets you take screenshots from your whole desktop or specific windows and then share them instantly. This feature can reduce time and stress in the event of an issue when you’re not at work.

The program lets you control chatrooms in real-time which means you can modify or delete participants as the conversation develops. This feature is handy when you need to inform any new member of your team about the progress you have made on your project.

An excellent overall IM tool for businesses

Overall, Output Messenger provides you with an easy-to-use chat interface and has a variety of options that make sharing ideas and files or collaborating with coworkers effortless.

Output Messenger Server Great Features:

Instant Messaging and File Transfer

Meet with your team members and share your ideas and information and updates through one-on-one communication. Share documents, images, or videos with your team by dropping them in one-on-one messaging and chats in groups.

Organized Chat Room

Meet with several members of groups in a group and discuss your ideas to create a more efficient work output.

Mobile app: instant messaging and File Transfer

You can work from anywhere and interact with other users via Mobile App.
Instantly send messages, files, Pictures, Videos, and Images by using One-on-1 Messaging as well as Chat Rooms, Group chat Rooms.

Video calls and conference calls

Join your team virtually via video calls to one person or groups of users. Connect everyone by organizing video conferencing, regardless of where they may be.
Instantly send voice messages and make calls using voice instead of typing long messages.

Secure Remote Desktop Sharing

Sharing your desktop with other users in real-time offers access to control. A simple feature that lets you view and manage a remote user’s desktop. A simple and quick method to comprehend the concepts that your colleagues try to communicate to you.

The Task Management(To-Do List)

Take control of your daily tasks and your team’s workload by using “Output Task”. Create lists of things to do for you and your team members as private tasks, one-on-one tasks, and Team Tasks Chatroom Tasks. Participate in group chats based on tasks and create reminders for your work.

Output Drive

Upload files such as documents, audios, presentations, and videos to Output Drive & provide instant access to team members. Files can be uploaded to My Drive(Private) and Chatroom Drive, then arranged them as folders. Keep track of changes to files and maintain the version’s history.



Set up your daily tasks, appointments, and reminders, then monitor them using Output Calendar. Prioritize your work, remain punctual and never forget everything necessary. With the Day/Week view, you can plan everything and ensure you’re on the right track.


Create meetings and events directly within Messenger and keep them organized. Conduct personal/team/project meetings & track them accordingly. Schedule reminders for meetings, or chat with group chats during meetings to discuss the topic more precisely.

Internal Mailing

Send and Receive Internal Emails to several recipients using Output Messenger. Send official messages through Internal Mail to your higher officials or team members. Include attachments, and set the priority of your messages.


Create and add Sticky Notes about important information/points to be able to refer back to later. Access your notes anytime from any device, and remain organized.


Take care of time-sensitive work at the office by scheduling reminders for you and your coworkers. Set up recurring and one-time reminders in Output messenger. Never be late for a necessary appointment or event.

Acknowledgment Message

Keep your team members engaged by asking for and sending acknowledgments to messages.
Confirm that your message was delivered and receive Polls with Acknowledgement Messaging.

Logs from the History Logs

Explore the conversations of the past by selecting users and keyword filters that are specific to a certain period. It shows the time stamp for every message and attachment exchanged.

OTR (Off-the-Record) Messaging

Off-the Record Messages are secure messages that are not subject to recording on the server or client-side.
After you have closed the Chat Window, the off-the-record messages cannot be read.


Post formal Announcements(like events or meetings) to all team members or just one person; this is one-way communication. Get everyone’s attention by posting announcements.

Be alerted of any status Change.

Receive instant alerts about The Status changes of your coworkers. Be aware of when they’re online, busy, Idle, and many more to verify their availability at the desk.

Hide Groups/Users

You can only view the list of Users or User Groups that belong to your Department Project or Task instead of viewing all users or groups of users.

Custom Status, with Auto Reply

Create a custom status for yourself manually and also set an automated reply message to those you wish to let know that you could not answer their messages promptly.

Pre-set Messages / Escape Messages

Pre-set Messages:

For speedy Lan Messaging, you can create your own pre-set messages and give shortcut keys to them.You can get responses to your messages immediately or edit them later by setting the parameter ‘Instant send’.

Escape Messages:

Determine the messages or phrases you want to see on your system tray, not in an IM window.

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