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What is Navicat Data Modeler?

The Navicat data modeler is known to be a strong as well as a powerful tool that is very cost-effective and can help the users and developers to create the high quality conceptual, logical as well as physical data model as they require. It permits the user to design a database structure visually and later perform the reverse and forward process of engineering, along with importing the models from the data source of ODBC and generating the complex SQL/DDL. The user can in this case current the models to the files and many more tasks. The process of simplifying the task to create the complex relationship of the entity models and generate the script of the SQL with nothing but a simple mouse click. It should be noted that the Navicat data modeler is capable of supporting different database systems including MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Maria DB, PostgreSQL, and finally the SQLite. It permits the users and a developer to create and built a high-quality conceptual data model. The user can convert a business-level model that is conceptual into a relational database model which is logical. It allows the user to easily deploy the changes that have been made to the database structure and later create organized as well as effective systems for the database. To be added Navicat data modeler is not only a simple tool for the process of creating the diagrams of the ER as well as designing the user’s database. It has a feature such as export SQL which gives the user the full power and the control over the SQL script which is final and permit the user to generate the individual parts, comments, character sets, integrity rules, and even the potentiality of the saving the uses ample hours of work. Premier soft Navicat data modeler is very cost-effective and has a robust database design which makes everything simple and easy for the users and developers.  With the help of the Navicat data modeler, the process of producing entity models of relationships has become easier for the users. It is known to be fully integrated with the cloud of Navicat and the user can sync the files of the models as well of the virtual groups to the cloud to have access from anywhere and anytime he desires.

Navicat Data Modeler Great Features:

Model/GUI Workspace

  • Provides models for conversion such as conceptual and even logical along with the Physical.
  • Permits the user to construct a version that has multiple schemas.
  • Provides multi diagram tracking for all its users and developers.
  • It has a dark style.
  • Contains a full-screen style for its developers and users.

Diagram Editor

  • Diagram editor such as crow’s foot, IDEF1x, and the notation of the UML.
  • It allows the process of creating, editing, dropping the database item as well as connection.
  • It has the capability for auto design.
  • Provides zoom in as well as zoom out option outside.
  • Provides processes such as aligning as well as distributing the items of the database.
  • Permits the users to insert vertices, pictures, and even notes along with contours and labels.

Navicat Cloud

  • The process of collaboration takes place which means creating jobs as well as adding both members.
  • Synchronizing of the links as well as the virtual bands takes place.
  • It is capable of providing the user’s synchronized versions.

Reverse/Forward Engineering

  • It is capable of providing a safe link such as SSH, HTTP, SSL.
  • It has the authentication for the PAM and GSSAPI.
  • Allows the user to import from the local as well as remote MySQL server, as well as an oracle, PostgreSQL, Maria DB, and even the SQLite.
  • Importing from local, SQL Server which is remote.
  • Importing from the cloud database such as Amazon RDS, Aurora, Amazon redshift, oracle cloud, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba cloud, Huawei cloud, and last but not least Tencent cloud.
  • The user can import tables from the ODBC.
  • The user is capable of importing relations from the household of Navicat.
  • The process of comparing as well as synchronizing the database as well as model.
  • The user can generate complicated SQL and DDL.

Additional Useful Characteristics

  • Provides searching filters.
  • The user can publish database diagrams in the format of PDF as well as picture files.

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