Download IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine for .NET v12.1.11786 (28 Jun 2022) + CRACK

<h2>What is IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine for .NET?</h2>
<p>With the use of the&nbsp;IT Strike WebDAV Server Engine for .NET.&nbsp; Has the capability to produce the server of WebDAV&nbsp;which belongs to himself, and even has the ability to add the support of it, for the current&nbsp;job of the .NET or even, enable the DAV for the user CMS, DMS, and finally CRM.</p>
<h3>IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine for .NET Great Features:</h3>
<p>It has the following features and characteristics&nbsp;that are stated as below such as:</p>
<li>The library has the capability to provide a very high-speed API that can eliminate the requirement for the process of analyzing of the criteria which belongs to&nbsp;WebDAV&nbsp;along with AIDS protocols.&nbsp;It has the capability to request and the request are parsed from the&nbsp;IT Strike WebDAV Server Engine for the users and developers, and can be transformed into the calls of the API.</li>
<li>With the use of the IT strike, the library of the&nbsp;IT Strike WebDAV&nbsp;the user has the capability to store the document in the database as well as a file system or any DMS, CRM&nbsp;as well as ERP or even any other storage.&nbsp; The supply temples are capable of showing the savings of the file from the Microsoft SQL Server database as well as a very straightforward&nbsp;file system.&nbsp;It has the capability to be perfect for the enabling of the user present document management or even the content management system.</li>
<li>The IT Strike WebDAV Server Engine&nbsp;has the capability to run on almost each and any web server which is available on the OS that has the capability to support .NET&nbsp;for the users and developers.&nbsp; The engine is basically supplied along with the samples that are capable of operating as ASP.NET&nbsp;and even .NET Core&nbsp;which is available on the Linux, Mac OS, as well as Windows.&nbsp; The user has the capability to run the&nbsp;server of&nbsp;WebDAV easily and flexibility on Android as well as iOS. Becoming independent of the hosting environment the engine is capable of operating in the Kestrel&nbsp;as well as IIS just as a standalone program, and it can run within the user .NET Center, OWIN, MVC web applications and so on.</li>
<li>The IT Strike WebDAV Server Engine for .NET is considered to be running on the IOS as well as Android and it can be supplied along with the .NET Core Http listener sample for the users and the user has the capability to directly contact a minimal web server on the cellular device, and to release the files that are basically stored in the user cell application.</li>
<li>Unlike the FTP,&nbsp;WebDAV&nbsp;does not call for the launching Port 21 and it operates completely over the HTTP via the Fireballs that have no extra configuration.&nbsp;WebDAV&nbsp;also has the ability to support the secure connection with the SSL&nbsp;which is not supported by the FTP.</li>
<li>The library has the capability to use the&nbsp;WebDAV RFC 4918, RFC 2518, and even the delta-v RFC 3253 for the users, and the&nbsp;engine&nbsp;permits the users in order to start the process of introduction of the class 1, Class 2 and the&nbsp;compliance server of the WebDAV, and have the ability to support the versioning&nbsp;bundle of WebDAV.</li>
<li>The engine has the ability to support the process of authentication of the schema which is backed by the framework of the .NET&nbsp;or even the custom&nbsp;authentication strategies that are available.&nbsp;</li>
<li>The supplied samples, as well as the documents are capable of referring to the setup of the basic, Digest, NTLM, and finally the authentication of the Kerberos.</li>
<li>The user has the capability to utilize the resume below upload attribute and the user is also&nbsp;able to pause the uploading, cancel&nbsp;the upload or even restore the broken upload because it is very much possible in order to ask for a different type successfully that are stored on the server side.</li>
<li>The user has the capability to upload files from the HTML program and the submitting of the post multi-part form.&nbsp; During the process of uploading, the user has the capability to ask for the upload program and also to make HTML upload progress bars easily and flexibly.</li>
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