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What is HCL AppScan Standard?

DevSecOps with powerful capabilities that identify and correct application vulnerabilities at every stage of the development process. AppScan provides the best application security testing tools available to protect your business and customers from attacks.

AppScan Standard is an application security testing tool that can be used to identify vulnerabilities in applications. It was created for security professionals and pen-testers.

AppScan scans target apps using a powerful scanning engine and checks for vulnerabilities. The operator can quickly triage and narrow down the most important vulnerabilities and issues by prioritizing the test results. Clear and practical recommendations are provided for each issue to be addressed.

It is important to continuously test and assess the risk of web services and applications to prevent any security breaches.

The industry’s most powerful DAST scanning engine

The statistical analysis test optimization allows you to control the trade-off between speed & coverage and allows for faster scans with minimal impact upon accuracy. Use proprietary, action-based technology to access tens of thousands of built-in scans.

Complete security testing suite

You can test web apps, mobile back-ends, and web services. AppScan users can use rich reporting to triage quickly and fix critical vulnerabilities and continually assess the security status of the applications to ensure compliance.

Complex use cases and flow of applications are handled

AppScan users have the ability to tailor testing to meet the needs of complex apps by recording multi-step sequences and dynamically generating unique data. They can also track a variety of headers or tokens.

Optimized testing to maximize impact and minimize effort

To enable faster scans and minimal impact on accuracy, test optimization algorithms offer the best compromise between speed and coverage.

HCL AppScan Standard – Great Features

AppScan Standard

Recognize, understand, and fix application vulnerabilities

You can test web apps, mobile services, and back-ends

AppScan Standard’s powerful scanning engine uses the most recent algorithms and techniques to provide the best explore coverage and testing. AppScan’s Action Based technology and thousands of built-in tests help you handle real-world apps from simple web applications through single-page applications to JSON-based REST APIs.

Testing optimization and incremental scanning

The statistical analysis test optimization allows you to control the trade-off between speed, coverage, and accuracy. It enables faster scans with minimal impact on accuracy. You can focus your testing efforts on only changed application code with incremental scanning capabilities.

Complexity can be tackled

AppScan can tailor its testing to meet all your needs. AppScan’s advanced configuration allows users to scan complex situations. AppScan can record and test complex multi-step sequences. It dynamically generates unique data and tracks all types of headers. Machine Learning Explore can optimize crawling large applications by predicting which link will lead to new areas.

Increase insight

The power of extensive reporting gives you powerful insight into issues found and simplifies issue triage. An extensive list of industry-standard compliance reports (such as PCI DSS, HIPAA and OWASP Top 10, SANS 25, etc. You can use this information to help you meet regulatory requirements.

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