GBWhatsApp Pro APK Download v16.20 Official (Updated) Anti-Ban 2022

GBWhatsApp Pro APK Download v16.20 Official (Updated) Anti-Ban 2022

GBWhatsApp Pro APK Download Latest Official (Updated) Anti-Ban 2022

GBWhatsApp Pro

GBWhatsApp Pro APK is one of the only popular social messaging apps for today and age since it launched years ago. Since Downloading GBWhatsApp v16.20 bought and purchasing Facebook, the app has seen many new features, and therefore, the number of users of the app is increasing significantly day by day. Consistent with Downloading GBWhatsApp Pro’s latest figures, we all know that this app is employed to send 4 billion and more messages a day. This app has 100 million active monthly users, which may be a significant number. Also, we all know that Facebook brought this app a couple of years ago to improve the app further and add more features the app, and therefore the leading social media company did precisely that.

Backing up GBWhatsApp Information

GBWhatsapp v16.20 Supporting will save you time to protect messages critical to your safety and provide you with security to ensure that your conversations are safe and secure. There are two ways by that one can access their files and help you continue to stay in control.

Step 1: Backup GBWhatsApp using APK.

The first option to think about is to enable GBWhatsApp chat directly within the program.

Procedure # 1 Open the apk and search for Setting followed by Chat Backup.

Procedure #2. Click on Back-Up and save the backup of your messages and the media that goes with them into the internal memory of your gadget.

Alternative Method 2. 2. Backup GBWhatsApp on a computer.

Dr.fone The Dr.fone Bring Back Social Application is the top Android app for data transfer and was designed to be used the most efficient and user-friendly experience while managing your mobile data; such as your personal GBapk as well as Whatsapp backups.

It is easy to use, even for those with insufficient technological skills and you’ve got the capability to send each individual of your GBWhatsApp documents, including chats images, large-sized videos text messages, data and more.

Comparison of WhatsApp VS GBWhatsapp

How Do you Want to Narrate New Year 2022 Distinctly According to Change WhatsApp Battle After GOLD?

  • Not solely intention the houses stand adorned among yellow because the acceptance over the subsequent not much months, but also your mobile phone may advantage among gold color hence so thou will bear multiplicity and helpful luck: now you may slave all it between the WhatsApp. Take note.
  • There is an easy art through as thou do regulate the ikon The WhatsApp Gold along with the aim about conclusion a recent 365 days completed concerning many challenges. How can you activate the logo change? Well, observe complete these steps:

How According to Change WhatsApp Icons to GOLD

  • The first factor is according to hold Nova Launcher regarding the smartphone.
  • Then you start the app and then pick the fashion ye necessity for your mobile device.
  • Once done, ye wish to search because of pics concerning the gilded WhatsApp icon.
  • Download what you kind of the most.
  • Now really tap concerning the WhatsApp idol because of two seconds.

This way, you can alternate the WhatsApp emblem in conformity with a gold-colored certain over thy mobile phone.

  • After that, a brush intention appears on the floating window.
  • Tap about such, yet now you bear in imitation of walk-in conformity with Apps then Photos yet select the gold-colored WhatsApp logo.
  • Remember that the WhatsApp battle has to stay within an obvious PNG format.
  • Click Done, then you intend to hold the gilded WhatsApp logo then icon about your cell telephone between easy access in conformity with welcome the current 12 months 2022.

Gb WhatsApp Pro v16 Apk Download Free With Patch

GBWhatsapp v16 is analogous to WhatsApp Plus and has many good features. Some include you’ll hide your online status, sending larger video files, and sharing quite 90 pictures during a single go. It’s the most straightforward forked WA app if you want to use two WA accounts on a single device.

GBWhatsapp Pro v16.20 Download 2022 Full Version

However, we realize WhatsApp that since the app was launched, they need an ad-free policy on their platform, which suggests that the corporate doesn’t show ads anywhere on its platform. Although Facebook bought the app, WhatsApp promised that the new company wouldn’t place ads thereon, which remains the case.

Although this app is top-rated and replaces traditional text messages in India, it still ignores its flaws. Still, one feature that many WhatsApp users request a few times is using two WhatsApp accounts on an equivalent device. This means that the corporate doesn’t earn one penny from advertising, and therefore the sole revenue of the app is now huge through its user base, but we all know that the app would struggle to form money within the youth.

GBWhatsapp v16.20 File sharing –

GBWhatsapp v16.20 allows you to share about ten images directly, and they’re even restrictions on the file size of videos and documents which will be shared with the service. Using GBWhatsApp, users can transfer up to 100 images simultaneously and may send video files as large as 50MB in one go.

Audio files with a maximum size of 100MB can also be shared with outhit contacts directly without compression.

Download GBWhatsApp Pro v16.20 Version For Android Scheduler

I meet reminders, broadcasts, and other essential messages often scheduled before birthdays. This protects you from the effort of forgetting and scrambling to send a notification when it’s too late.

GBWhatsapp v16.20 Free Download For MAC

GBWhatsapp v16.20 Don’t worry about people deleting messages after sending them to you anymore. With this feature, you can read all deleted messages like they were still there.

Download GBWhatsApp Pro v12.00 Version For Android SchedulerDownload GBWhatsapp v16.20 Privacy –

GBWhatsapp v16.20 is additionally big on Privacy, ensuring users can remove last seen status, prevent others from knowing once they have checked their status, remove the second (delivered) tick and conceal the blue dot on recordings that they listened to. Unlike the regular WhatsApp, though, you continue to get to ascertain these from other contacts. To enjoy these and more, download the GBWhatsApp from the box above. Also, Click Here if you would like to read the complete descriptions.

Can WhatsApp GB see hidden status?

GB WhatsApp allows you to cover your online status so that nobody knows whether you’re online or not. You’ll still be ready to send and receive messages, though. On the chat tab, tap the three-dot menu, tap Privacy, and Hide Online Status.

Is GB WhatsApp Pro safe?

Not only GBWhatsapp but none of the Gb WhatsApp clones are safe. So, WhatsApp has mentioned that they do not tolerate the altered versions of their application in terms of services.

GBWhatsApp for iPhone

Nowadays, many software is used, but the iPhone is the hottest device. Thousands of individuals use this device, but they don’t realize how to download the iOS file on their device. If you know about the downloading process, stick with me!

  • Firstly, attend your browser site on your device.
  • Click on the given button down to download the iOS file.
  • After the downloading, open the file to put it in.
  • Would you please press the install button to put it in?
  • Installing process is going to be complete after a couple of seconds.
  • When the GBWhatsapp Pro iOS is installed, launch the app.
  • Login to your WhatsApp account or create a replacement one.
  • Now enjoy the app!

Where to urge and find out GBWhatsApp?

If you’re trying to urge this app program for yourself and get to utilize it, you’re presumably checking out a secure and guarded place to recommend. This usually mentions that you will undoubtedly want apk by which you put in mod onto Android Mobile.

Privacy Control

Together with all mentioned above, if you put in GBWhatsApp, you’ll have the power to regulate your personal privacy choices. This suggests manually handling whether you’re letting your mobile tell others what you’re up to. Otherwise, you are online.

Several of the privacy settings are mentioned Down below;

Being online (Status)

Double tick


Settings of microphone

Status of recording

Status of typing

Messages Scheduling

GBWhatsapp 2022 New Amazing Features 

Thanks to Update and Install GBWhatsApp

At now, you get to understand the way to access your apk; subsequent steps are getting to tell all you’d wish to know the way to install this apk into your mobile and operate with complete performance.

Procedure # 1: head to your mobile and browse setting, attend security, and then choose Unknown sources. This may allow you to install programs downloaded from stores apart from Playstore.
Procedure # 2: Get the newest GBWhatsApp from the stores mentioned above together with your internet browser onto your mobile. As a choice, you'll download the apk to your computer and also move it throughout on your gadget's storage.
Procedure # 3: Open up apk and also install by adhering to the on-screen directions. This might add precisely an equivalent manner as we do found out within the regular WhatsApp program.
Procedure # 4: Enter your name, state number to verify your accounts. Currently, GBWhatsApp is established and ready to utilize in your very own device. Open the program from your primary menu to use as you sometimes use the WhatsApp program.

What Platforms is this App Available For

Completely Personalize Themes

Possibly the foremost preferred of GBWhatsApp newest variant attributes, with all the mods, you’re likely to possess the power to settle on the theme of any part of the WhatsApp program, within the menus into chat display, assisting you in forming an aesthetic that provides one among the foremost pleasurable experience.

Send Out Big files

Quickly amongst the drawbacks to creating use of WhatsApp is sending the document. Have a photograph, song, or a video that you got to forward to a lover, but WhatsApp limits you from sending a file more significant than 16MB? GBWhatsApp latest removes this limitation to ensure that you can deliver anything you desire. 

Backing up GBWhatsApp Information

Supporting can save time shielding the messages that concern you and grant you overall comfort to ensure your chats are secured and safe. More, two methods can revisit their files, helping you still be on top of things.

GbWhatsapp APKProcess # 1: Back up GBWhatsApp with APk.

The initial strategy to think about will support GBWhatsApp chat throughout the program.

Procedure # 1: Open apk & also search Setting then Chat Backup.

Procedure # 2: Click on Back-Up to save lots of replicas of your messages alongside your associated media proper into your internal main memory.

Alternative Process # 2: Backup GBWhatsApp pro with iPhone.

The program is straightforward to use, also just in case you’ve got minimal technological abilities, and you’ve got the power to send all of your GBWhatsApp documents, like chats, images, large size videos, data, voice messages, and much more.

Bring Back Social Application is the world’s best Android app information transfer alternative. It is planned to use in the best and handiest experience when managing your mobile information, including your own GBapk and WhatsApp backup records.


What is GBWhatsApp Pro APK? It is a mod of WhatsApp with extra features.
Can GBWhatsapp Work on iPhone? Yes, It's Working Awesome On iPhone, the same as Android.
Can I get to root my phone for this app? Nope! No got to Root your Device.
If I would like to Backup, then am I able to come up with data? Yes, you'll quickly get the Backup of your WhatsApp.
Should we'd like to update GBWhatsapp? Nope, it's not any Rocket Science, but if you Updated, Then it is Amazing.
WhatsApp Account ban OR Any Privacy issue? No, this is often a total Save app. You'll have the power to regulate your personal privacy choices.
Can I use Dual WhatsApp On the Same Mobile Phone? Sure! This app is Developed for this thing. so Enjoy using this

Download GBWhatsApp Pro Features

  • Support Calls
  • The possibility of hiding seems
  • Privacy options
  • The ability to send video size 30 MB rather than 16 MB
  • The possibility of sending 90 images directly without 10
  • Chance of a case of the amount of dependent characters 250 rather than 139 symbols
  • Counter statistics for groups
  • View the media without Download
  • Possibility to cover the name and, therefore, the date when two or more copies
  • Ability to repeat case
  • The possibility of adjusting the program icon and notifications
  • And many more ….

Benefits Of WhatsApp

Fully customizable

  • GBWhatsApp allows you to personalize the user interface, unlike WhatsApp Messenger. Additionally, you can use themes created by other community members to design or change icons and colors using The Settings menu.

Freeze Connection Time

  • Privacy control like the time of connection is also possible through the new version of GBWhatsApp. So, you’ll be able to block it to stay as you are, with no one not aware of it when you return to the internet after the time displayed in the interface. Additionally, you can connect without divulging your current status to anyone else. You can also conceal the information generally or for particular people or groups.

Advantages and Disadvantages of GBWhatsApp

Potential Of Being Banned

  • WhatsApp is looking more at ease and confident in its policies, with many users currently using modified application versions. However, those who downloaded GBWhatsApp may be subject to being blocked shortly. This might differ from the previous situation when WhatsApp could ban mudded apps linked to the official application.

There are no Automatic Updates.

  • If you’ve already tried GBWhatsApp, You should know its drawbacks. One of these is that the app does not automatically update itself. Therefore, you must be mindful of the possibility of releases with new versions, which you’ll need to download manually.

GBWhatsapp APK File Details:

App Name GBWhatsApp APK
Android Version 4.3 and Above
Version Latest Version
Total Downloads 6,000,000+
App size 44.3 MB
Root Required Not Root Required
Main Purpose Mod of WhatsApp with the Extra Features
Last Updated One day ago

Download GBWhatsApp

Full Download V.7.10 Download V.7.20
Download V.7.99 Full Download V.8.0
Download V.8.5 Download V.8.10
Free Download V.8.20 Download V.9.5

How to Install GBWhatsApp

  1. Button to download GBWhatsApp.
  2. The APK Documents will start downloading to your device. …
  3. Press the downloaded file. …
  4. So, Press Install to launch the update. …
  5. Press hospitable, open GBWhatsApp. …
  6. Access to GBWhatsapp settings. …
  7. GBWhatsapp update sections. …
  8. Press here to see for updates.

Conclusion Of GBWhatsapp

The GBWhatsApp Pro mod allows users of the essential WhatsApp app to enjoy more flexibility, authority, and control over their accounts. This drag they could face with their traditional app model, but this mod involves making all that better. Direct Download Button Might Not Work On Some Mobile Devices Or Browsers. Kindly Long Press The Button To Download The File

I’m hoping you’d enjoy this post. I hope you will like the GBWhatsapp APK MOD of the WhatsApp official app. GBWhatsapp is additionally supplying precisely the identical security and plans of the official WhatsApp. As a result, if you like to possess even more extra attributes, then put WhatsApp Plus APK on your device currently.

We’ll be very thanks if you review this terrific GBWhatsapp APK alongside your friends. You’ll believe that it’s one of the simplest apps with the newest features. You’ll not face any issue associated with security because it’s an equivalent license because of the official app.

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Download GBWhatsApp Pro 2022 Full Version


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