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What is Fast Report .NET?

With the use of the Fast Report .NET, the user can build and create applications that are independent in nature as well as the reports. NET.  Differently put in other words it means that the Fast Report .NET can be used independently as a standalone reporting tool for all its users. It can include a powerful visual report for the process of creating as well as modifying the reports. The user application can run the designer from the code itself.  It includes in need the online reports designer only in the enterprise edition for its users for the ASP.NET. It can connect to any database as well as any database to create queries.  It has the forms of dialogues to the user report to prompt before running a report for the parameters.  Last but not least it can view the results as well as print and even export it in many other common document formats. It has certain advantages that it is written in the C# format and it also contains managed codes only this is very compatible with the framework of. NET. The Fast Report can be customized to the user suit according to the need and it has a reasonable price along with licensing policy.  It has basic support for the format of RDL for the process of exporting as well as importing.  To be included that this can be utilized in the visual studio 2019 by Microsoft.

Data Processing

  • It functions along with the information that is obtained from the ADO.NET and it is allowed to filter as well as sort the columns of data that are being researched, utilized along with their information rows.  Everything can be accomplished with the use of a few mouse clicks.
  • You can connect directly to the ADO.NET, MS SQL, and even database which is based on XML.  There are other connectors as well back in the form of plugins.
  • It can acquire the information which is obtained from the company and the object of IEnumerable kind.
  • The report in this case can include sources of data such as text, tables, relations of DB, and even queries and this makes it difficult for the user to just utilize the application directly and also the user can use the chart as well as questions directly from the document.
  • Utilization visual builder of the query in which the user does not need to find details about the language of SQL to make a query which is involving several data tables.
  • The Fast Report .NET includes in it an integrated script engine that can support the .NET languages such as the C# and the VB.NET.
  • The report is the potential to include conversation types to prompt the parameters until and unless the report is being run. 

Report Elements

  • It is a band-oriented report generator and it holds 13 kinds of bands accessible to all the users. Some examples are page footer, column header, group footer, overlay, subreport as well as report summary, and so on.
  • It has a broad and vast variety of record items that are being accessible for all the users such as text, matrix, table, images, shape, trademarks, and also lines.
  • The reports, in this case, can include many pages of layout and it allows the user’s report to contain pay, information, as well as cover all of them in one document.
  • The table item in this case allows the users to build a tabular report with the use of several columns or even rows just like MS Excel.

Report Preview Window

  • It is very handy for the style of MS word in the preview window.
  • It can research text, from the report which is already ready.
  • The process of navigation from the preview window is possible in this case and the specification of the user design as well as document.
  • The user can determine when the item in the window of preview clicks.  For instance, the user can build and display a new record that has detailed information about the particular product which has been clicked on.

Fast Report .NET Great Attributes:

  • It comprises of effective visual report designers for the process of creating as well as changing the report.
  • Connecting to the virtual database with the use of any table along with the creation of unique inquiries.
  • The user can see the results as well as print or export them according to his wish in different formats and standards.
  • It has a complete source code that is available to fit the requirements of the user.

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