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What is DtSearch Desktop & Engine?

DtSearch products are capable of instantly hunting across the terabytes of text in a huge array of the online as well as the offline information types for the user. The process of the search time it is typically considered to be under seconds. Just like the current search period.  The product of the DtSearch products are capable of instant researching terabyte because it has the ability to build a search index that has the capability to store each and every unique word along with the location in the data for the user.  A single index has the ability to hold up to a terabyte of data and also span multiple directories, along with emails and attachments at the same time online data and other databases.  It has the ability to build and at the same time search different terabyte indexes.  The process of indexing is very easy by just pointing to the folder or even the online that said that the user desires to index. DtSearch products has the ability to offer an automated indexing process with the help of the Windows task scheduler and the process of indexing and searching and at the same time displaying the document basically does not alter the original data or file in this case. For the process of updating the index dtSearch has the ability to update the user in Texas by adding new or updated items to eat and removing the deleted items and finally compressing the index without having to affect the process of searching.  Updating an index includes the Windows task scheduler and it does not lock out any individual or even concurrent searching process.

DtSearch Desktop & Engine Great Features:

  • The DtSearch Desktop with the spider as well as the dtSearch network with the spider has the ability to operate in a Timeless window environment write in a shared as well as individual Network based searching.
  • DtSearch Web along with the spider are capable of running in an internet or even the intranet environment without having any limitation on the number of search concurrency.
  • The dtSearch Engine programmer SDK usually comes in a different distinct version for different platforms.  The process of running in a vape or even intranet server surrounding as well as their engine of the dtSearch engine is capable of supporting an effective multi-threaded searching process without having any limitation on the number of the search threads that are parallel.

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