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What is Diafaan SMS Server?

Diafaan SMS Server – full edition is an advanced software program that allows you to send and receive SMS to a web browser or web server. It also supports email clients, SQL databases, and C#/Visual Basic.NET programs. In addition, you can use it to distribute messages to multiple GSM modems and connect with unlimited numbers of gateways and connectors.

Diafaan SMS Server for Windows is a text messaging software solution. It can be installed on a Windows Server or a computer or laptop. This allows you to send and get SMS messages using 4G/3G/GSM modems and Android phones.

Diafaan SMS Server was created for professionals, businesses that easily integrate SMS messaging with their IT systems.

Start wizard

When you launch the tool for the first time, a setup wizard appears. This wizard allows you to configure authentication parameters for your administrator account (full-name and password), choose the type of message you wish to use (GSM gateway or Clickatell gateway), or configure the COM port to the GSM modem is attached.

You have the option to choose which connector type you wish to use at the end of this wizard: web, email, or SQL.

The tool includes additional parameters for each of these connectors. These include the ability to configure the built-in HTTP Server to forward received messages via the ‘GET/’ or ‘POST command to an external website, modify the SMTP server, an external POP3 client to forward received messages, store them in an SQL database, and use a script that processes received SMS to initiate the sending of message options.

The layout that is user-friendly

Diafaan SMS Server full edition excels at the visual department. It seamlessly integrates a comprehensive and powerful suite of features into an easily understood GUI that isn’t overwhelming or overwhelming.

The application maintains a list of your Clickatell gateway and Web connectors. It also logs and reports details. A dashboard displays information about Clickatell and the status of your connectors. You can also control the service (start/stop or pause) and see statistics about sent, failed, and received messages.

Send SMS messages

Diafaan SMS Server full edition allows you to send and receive SMS messages using a 3G/GSM modem such as a Wavecom, Siemens, or Sierra Wireless modem. You can also view delivery confirmation reports and send messages in multiple languages, including Chinese.

It also directs messages to pages using an analog mode or through an Internet connection (with support for IXO/TAP protocols or UCP protocol with an analog or ISDN modem and SNPP and WCTP protocols over the Internet). You can work with MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server Express, Microsoft Access, Oracle, and other database servers with an ODBC driver or OLE DB, driver.

Last but not least, you can schedule SMS using an SQL connection. You can store received SMS in a table in a database table, log all messages sent in database tables, and store received SMS in a table in a database. You can send SMS through your web browser and manage contacts, received messages, and groups from your browser.

Queue, events, and reports

Diafaan SMS Server full edition keeps detailed logs of all messages in the queue and logs (e.g., Sending and receiving times, email address, message, events, and reports that include a total number of sent, failed, and received messages. Reports can also be exported as CSV files.

Configuration settings

This tool allows you to set up admin authentication parameters and specify the date format. You can also configure email alerts, edit the message template, delete old logs, limit the log size, and make a gateway unavailable after it has been down a certain number of minutes.

A powerful SMS gateway

Diafaan SMS Server – full edition is a reliable SMS platform that supports 3G/GSM/CDMA modems and SMPP accounts. This is especially useful when working with multiple 3G/GSM modems. It’s easy to use and has wizards that allow you to set up your accounts.

Diafaan SMS Server: Great Features

Web-based and browser-based SMS

You can send SMS messages from your browser and view the SMS messages you have received. Diafaan SMS Server comes with a web app that makes it easy to manage contacts, add groups, and send SMS messages.

SMS from your SQL Database

To send and store SMS messages, use a database such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server Express, Microsoft Access, Oracle, or any other SQL database.

Two-way SMS to email communication

As a reliable SMS gateway, use Microsoft Exchange Server with Outlook. You can send SMS messages using your email client. Then, you will receive replies and other incoming SMS messages to the right inbox.

API Support

To send and receive SMS messages, you can use the HTTP API, SMTP or POP, SMPP or SQL, as well as the command-line client. Diafaan SMS Server allows for fast and simple text message integration.

Try before you buy; there’s no risk.

Diafaan SMS Server offers a cost-effective, reliable, and versatile SMS solution. You can try the software before you buy it. It would help if you weren’t unhappy with our software.

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