Download Chilkat for .NET Framework v9.5.0.91 + License Key

What is Chilkat for .NET Framework?

Chilkat is a cross-language open-platform API that offers more than 90 classes for various Internet protocol formats, formats, and algorithms.

Certain classes require a licence: SSH, SFTP, FTP2, HTTP, REST, Socket/TLS IMAP, …

Some are free: JSON, XML, Cert, PrivateKey, …

What’s happening today? Chilkat support today?

Does Chilkat support .NET Standard? We get this frequently. This is usually due to the considerable confusion regarding the significance of .NET Standard vs. .NET Core and. .NET Framework ( as well as .NET 5 as well as .NET 6.). It is best to first get knowledge of the issue. I suggest reading this article: .NET Standard vs. .NET Core vs. .NET Framework.

Chilkat offers a library for .NET Core via NuGet.

Chilkat also offers an application software library that works with .NET Framework via NuGet.

In both instances, Chilkat supports the .NET Standard versions since it uses only a tiny portion of .NET Standard functions. Also that the two Chilkat versions (for .NET Core and .NET Framework) are compatible with .NET Standard 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, …, 2.0, … Chilkat will not be using the latest .NET Standard functions in the future; therefore, it will be automatically compatible with the upcoming .NET Standard version releases.

Additionally, while writing this blog, the Chilkat .NET Core NuGet program supports these runtimes Linux arm, Linux-arm64, Linux-musl (Alpine Linux), Linux-x64, Osx-arm64 (Mac M1), and osx-x64. Win-x64 and win-x86. Different running times will be included shortly, depending on the needs.

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