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What is Cerberus FTP Server Enterprise?

The fastest way to transfer files between and from servers or web hosts is through an FTP connection. While the term is popularly referred to as FTP but nowadays, there are more safe alternatives to consider options, including SFTP or FTPS.

Cerberus FTP Server is a professional application that gives you a range of features and options for safe and smooth file transfer.

It lets you customize the server or web host.

The program comes with a modernized interface, which is quite user-friendly despite the many choices available. You may have mentioned that you’ll need to configure your connections before getting going. You can create a profile for your user by entering names, passwords, and the directory to save and set up user rights (download and upload, delete directories, rename them, create directories or display hidden files, compress or compress files).

The program also gives you total control over your server. In particular, the application allows you to build an appropriate server for your requirements and preferences. In terms of customization options, you will find the complete Active Directory integration, connection limit, and timeout settings, as well as support for Hyper-V, hidden server mode, and various automatization actions.

Uses powerful tools to safeguard the information being transferred

Because the application works with sensitive or non-sensitive data, critical security is not overemphasized. In addition to the most current security protocols, it can safeguard data with two-factor authentication and password policy settings. IP blocklisting and allow listing, Active Directory security groups, protocol-based password restrictions, automated account lockouts, or temporary user accounts.

A secure and robust file transfer program.

In addition, it’s worth noting that the program has multiple protocols that can be used from a single IP. No matter what protocol is used to transfer data safely, whether it’s HTTPS, SFTP, FTPS SCP, or even person-to-person data sharing, Cerberus FTP Server ensures that data received and sent can be safely and efficiently transferred from one computer and transferred to the servers.

Cerberus FTP Server Enterprise Great Features:




    SSH, SSL, FIPS 140-2


    Event, Alert & Sync Tools


    Windows Server, Cloud & Virtual


    IP, User & Protocol Restriction Tools


    AD, LDAP, 2FA & More


    File Access, User and Admin Logging


    API, Sync Manager, & Other Tools

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