Download Boxy SVG v3.87.1 for macOS + CRACK

What is Boxy SVG for macOS?

SVG is the most common format for storing vector graphics, such as charts, banners, icons, and illustrations.

Boxy SVG, The goal of the project is to develop the most effective SVG editor that is suitable for users who are not technical, as well as for developers and designers who are professionals.

In the realm of SVG editors, there are many options available. Applications like Adobe’s Illustrator Sketch and Inkscape have been the top selections for web designers and developers for years.

One of the most effective SVG editors available.

But, there’s a “new kid” in town ready to prove its worth, and it’s called Boxy SVG. the Boxy SVG.

The project’s primary goal is to provide a viable alternative to the many famous apps listed above and make editing icons, banners, charts, illustrations, and charts seem effortless for novices without compromising the features department.

Boxy SVG’s feature set is detailed.

It’s also important to mention that the app uses a Chromium-based rendering engine which makes it suitable for editing content that will eventually be integrated into the most recent mobile and desktop browsers.

It offers a wide range of support for editing on canvas of geometrical objects. It’s pretty effective in painting and changing the object being discussed.

The vast library boasts hundreds of fonts for free (provided via Google Fonts). In addition, if you’d like more, you can embed WOFF, WOFF2, and OTF font files on your personal computer.

Since the workflow is an essential component for web designers because the workflow is a crucial element for any web designer, Boxy SVG includes 100 commands that include customizable keys for keyboards.

Other noteworthy features include support for different path operations (unite, intersect, subtract, exclude, closing, reverse, etc.) in addition to the standard arrangement procedures like align to the right, rotate, flip or order and group to, rotate, flip, order, and grouping to mention some.

The application lets you save your work in formats like SVG and SVGZ and PNG, JPG, WebP PDF, HTML5, and HTML5.


Overall, Boxy SVG is a modern, well-designed, and feature-packed SVG editor that is sure to be a hit with a variety of web designers looking for an alternative to the most well-known apps within the field. It is designed and functions exactly like an app like this.

Boxy SVG for macOS Great Features:

  • Clean and intuitive UI heavily inspired by Inkscape, Sketch, and Adobe Illustrator.
  • Extensive support for on-canvas editing of object geometry, transformation, paint, and other properties.
  • Save to SVG and SVGZ formats, export to PNG, JPG, WebP, PDF, and HTML5
  • Pixabay integration with over a million free stock photos and vector assets
  • Google Fonts integration with hundreds of free fonts
  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts for over 100 commands
  • Manual guides, intelligent guides, and grid
  • Path operations (unite, intersect, subtract, exclude, close, reverse, etc.)
  • Arrangement operations (align, rotate, flip, order, group, etc.)

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