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What is Binary Ninja?

The binary ninja is described to be a reverse engineering platform that has been developed by vector 35 Inc. It has the ability to disassemble a binary and even display the disassembly in the graph view which is linear.  It can perform an automated independent analysis of the code for the users and developers. The binary ninja can support different CPU architecture as well as a binary executable format for the users and the developers.  It has the ability to run on Windows, Mac OS, and even Linux and provide a free to use cloud version.  It has the ability to disassemble as well as lift the instructions into the intermediate language and also to generally generated code for the user and the developers. The binary ninja is capable of utilizing significant locations the first being to the setup path binary itself and the second being the consumer folder to get user-installed content.  It has the ability to support different CPU architecture as well as their formats which are binary executable. The binary ninja has the capability to perform different analyzers on the binary such as the detection of the function, cross-reference for the code as well as the data, propagation which is constant, and even the value set analysis and last but not least the jump cable resolution.  It doesn’t capability to offer the users and the developers a very convenient way to edit as well as patch a binary and it also has the ability to assemble an instruction in the line which is current and a conditional jump to flip.  Editing as well as updating of the analysis the user and the developer can immediately reflect in the UI.  It should be added that the binary ninja also has been used as a general binary Editor and it also has the ability to support different commonly used transformations along with the algorithm for the process of encryption.

Binary Ninja has the ability to support the architecture of the following CPU such as:

  • x86 32-bit
  • x86 64-bit
  • ARMv7
  • Thumb2
  • ARMv8
  • PowerPC
  • MIPS
  • 6502

It is also able to support the following file formats which are executable such as:

  • ELF
  • Mach-O
  • .NES binary
  • Raw binary

It should be noted that binary Ninja has the capability to generate expensive annotations for the user and developer in the UI to assist the process of binary analysis and it also has the ability to support the themes that are user-defined.  It has the ability to offer an API that can be accessed through C and even Python.  The API in this case is described to be an open-source right under the license of MIT.  The binary ninja is capable of offering the users and developers are a very convenient way in order to edit.  The development of the binary ninja started in the year 2015 and the public version initially was released in July 2016.

Binary Ninja Great Features:

The following are the features and attributes of the binary ninja data stated as below such as: 

  • It has the ability to rebase the binary views that are loaded.
  • It has the ability to set a maximum jump table size for the process of configuration.
  • It has the ability to modify as well as be fine the tables by simply changing its type and the location of the table.
  • It has the ability to jump the table by the process of solving as the last convergence.
  • It consists of a reduced memory overhead, especially wherever the functions are huge.
  • It can handle the structures that are detangled.
  • It has a duplicate external symbol in the file of the ELF.
  • The process of relocating the handling for the files can happen by the user and developer with an image base that is custom.
  • It has added a new feature that can hide the title bar for the windows of dock able.
  • It has improved the Python console as well as the process of completion of the tab handles right in the parameters of the Python.
  • Binary Ninja has the ability to automatically update upon its renewal right in the existing license file.

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