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What is Atozed IntraWEB?

It allows the creation of programs on the desktop back to the JavaScript as well as HTML. In this case, no plugins are needed. The IntraWeb helps the users and developers of Delphi to create programs in an idle way of RAD. It can happen by the process of dragging and dropping the elements in a type of WI and can even specify the events by placing the properties in a manner that is much accessible to the environment of RAD, such as Microsoft Visual Studio or even Delphi.  It has made the creation of an online program very easy for the user, and it is a form of simple data entry where does survey or even an intricate application is done where the customer and the user may be logged for a period which is elongated.  The IntraWeb is responsible for performing the hard work for the developers of Delphi and it creates all the HTML/ JavaScript/ the output of CSS and the signals for the user and enables them to expand their software and implement the attributes of customer client-side and even utilize the third party libraries of JavaScript.  It has functions that are standard and executable programs, and have the exception that the user interface is a browser rather than a window.  The user can run an example of this program with the use of the URL right after putting the program on the server of the internet.  The process of illustration of the program is being used and it will track that user’s information and prevent the unintentional as well as information loss for all the user’s operation of the session which is fresh and it is monitored is made automatically and very transparent to the programmer.  In this case, there is a reduction of the overhead and the ability of the application of IntraWeb is just like the other solutions of the internet like the ISAPI, CGI, and even ASP.NET. The software of Atozed is a corporate sponsor that helps to open the project of source and provide the space of web, a resource of the server, and the significant development resources that are supporting the project. The IntraWeb is known to be a revolutionary way in which the user can create a web-based application. It is created upon the builder of web solutions as well as versions of IntraWeb that are the new version.  The IntraWeb is working much like the casual and normal applications that are executable. After the process of the application, in the server of the web, the user can run the instance of the same application that is being used and then prevent the information from being lost or being mixed up. The Atoza allows the user to use either of the copies of the enclosed software mainly for the developer’s single-use. The new features in the Intraweb are that it has the support of the browsers, it has new server controllers, and has Direct support for Safari, Google Chrome, stand-alone server of UI.  It also has a new built-in editor for HTML and has permission for new IntraWeb. There is a request for a new class of TIWHttp and sadly the file directory is not being supported in the version of XIV. The controller of the IntraWeb uses less memory and performs better than the versions that were present earlier. This particular IntraWeb is licensed but the license key will not work with the IntraWeb of 15. The great news is that the new license has been automatically generated for all the customer that is having an active subscription. The user can install the IntraWeb for the process of testing and the evaluated version never expires. It can be installed with the older version of the IntraWeb even on the same IDE.

Atozed IntraWEB Amazing Attributes:

The amazing attributes after IntraWeb that are supporting the environments of the RAD studio 2009, 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7, XE8, 10 Seattle, 10.1 Berlin, 10.2 Tokyo, 10.3 Rio, and last but not least 10.4 Sydney.


  • It has a stand-alone server
  • It has Windows Service


  • It has integrated page mode
  • Has the feed of RSS.
  • Has static-content
  • Has content handlers as well as URL mapping.
  • Binding of IP.
  • It does not have a current session limit.
  • Program mode.
  • Components that are authenticated.
  • Has a configurable station which is inactivity time out.
  • Unlimited time for the station.

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