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What is Aspose.Slides for .NET?

It allows the users to read, compose, modify, clone, shield, and even combine the PowerPoint under OpenOffice demonstration in the platform of .NET C# without having any external applications. It is a demo that is processing the API for both the PowerPoint as well as the OpenOffice format. The Aspose.Slide for the .NET allows that users at the developers to perform the processes of reading, writing, shielding, modifying as well as converting the demonstration to .NET C# and the presentation of the text graphs, along with cartoons and tables and adding of videos in the slides as well as sound and finally the preview of slides. It has basic support for every popular demonstration format and it utilizes the C# to combine, divide, clone, and even recreate presentation with PowerPoint, its templates as well as slides. API in this case provides a lot of features such as the rendering of the demonstration to the format of HTML, as well as graphics along with printing on the printers that are bodily. The Aspose.Slide for .NET a site to be a standalone API that does not require any Microsoft PowerPoint or some other additional software or libraries for operation.

Aspose.Slides for .NET Great Attributes:

The great attributes are:

  • It is capable of producing as well as cloning the slides through the templates.
  • It uses PowerPoint tables through the API.
  • It allows the user to apply as well as remove the security which is on the contours.
  • Inserting of the Excel graphs is permitted as an OleObject to the slips.
  • It has unique support for the connected OleObjects.
  • It allows the printing of the presentations on the physical printer.
  • It can create as well as customize graphs.

Format Demo Content in .NET C#

It is very much possible to format the text and the shape with the help of the Aspose.Slide for the .NET API.  The presentation of the texts is being handled with the help and assistants of text frames and hence it is making it very easy and effortless for the users and the programmers to format the text along with the parts and the paragraphs that are linked to the frames of the texts. The user can even control the characteristics of the contours and its components like the size, position, picture, line, and even writing and so on.

Make and alter PowerPoint SmartArt in .NET C#.

The Aspose.Slides for the .NET can ease in the production and production of SmartArt contours from nothing but basic scratch how to provide the accessing capability, controlling, eliminating the present items of SmartArt right out of the user’s slide.  It should be added that the .NET C# PowerPoint API is capable of giving the ability to the user.  The user can even alter the look of the SmartArt in terms of color placing and even design.

Protect Display in .NET C#

The Aspose.Slides for the .NET API can lock demonstration files to shield all the contents from the altering process.  Programmers and the users can also protect the PowerPoint presentation or the PPT from nothing but the C# in addition to the size of PDF for the process of supplying whatever is secure. The C# PowerPoint API is also capable of supporting the access mode are the properties of recording as well as its demonstrations.

Produce Demo Viewer with Twist Thumbnails in .NET C#

It is able and can create thumbnail office lights for the users that the user wishes to distribute the slide pictures for all the users who do not have the PowerPoint program installed in their machines and devices.  The user can use the C# PowerPoint API to be able to see the PPT from the program of .NET C# of any kind.  Custom sites, programs on the desktop, and many more are using this attribute to make the demonstration viewer a better one.

Microsoft Office Automation — Not Desired

The Aspose.Slides to get the .NET is created at constructed with the use of the managed codes that do not require Microsoft Office and even Microsoft PowerPoint to be installed by the user on the device to operate with the file format of PowerPoint.  It is a Microsoft Office automation option when it comes to attributes.

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