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What is Aspose. Note for .NET?

It is all about creating, manipulating, as well as converting OneNote documents to nothing but multiple formats with Microsoft OneNote which has no dependencies. The Aspose.Note for the .NET is a standalone OneNote file that is used for the manifestation of API.  The programs can provide the user and offer functionality like reading, producing, editing as well as controlling the documents of Microsoft OneNote as well as controlling the components that belong to novels and exporting them to various file formats.  The developers and the users can load the text render files and the picture documents to many different formats and they can browse via the document object model and later expect the text from far more and any portion which belongs to the document. Contains the library of class which permits the users and developers to read, write, and even modify the Microsoft OneNote dynamically and its files in either type of application. NET.   It allows the user to load and save Microsoft documents of OneNote with the help of API.  Can be used to create both the 32-bit as well as 64-bit applications of .NET including the Win forms, web services, and ASP.NET.  The deployment of it is very easy and it consists of assembly which is single and has no dependencies. The Aspose.Note for the .NET is created with the use of the managed codes and it does not need Microsoft Office or Microsoft OneNote in order to be installed by the user on the machine or device. It is a very perfect alternative to Microsoft OneNote automation and it can support features such as security, stability, speed, scalability, and finally price. It allows the users to get information on the pages individually and that user can insert as well as extract tables and look at the table columns.

Aspose.Note for .NET Great Attributes:

  • It has the following great attributes:
  • It can read the files of OneNote.
  • Browsing of the attribute of different items.
  • Saving up the document as a picture.
  • Exporting files to the format of PDF.
  • Extracting text from nothing but records.
  • Getting information regarding each webpage.
  • Tagging the Essential notes from the records.
  • It allows attaching of a document into the record of OneNote.
  • It has support for links in the picture while the process of PDF is switching.
  • It allows the user to insert tables, text, and table columns.

Merge OneNote Files to Various Formats

The one document can be quickly loaded by the programmers and the users and they can leave them.  In this case, the API can support OneNote files that are converting to the format of PDF for the process of sharing.

Manipulate OneNote Objects

The Aspose.Note for the .NET allows the user to have access as well as browser properties of different items like files, text, page, and even picture through the object model.  The library empowers the user to get the publication of in OneNote image properties like the file name, file expansion, last modified date, height and width, and so on. Microsoft OneNote is very simple to use but the user has to get used to its idiosyncrasies because OneNote sometimes outthinks the user and makes the user assume much. 

Printing OneNote Files

 It enables the process of printing files with the use of the variety of choices that are available or the user with only a couple of lines of code.  The user can select to publish a range of pages, print them with the title of the job, or he can even opt-in to print all of them with the default setting.  The user can specify the custom settings like page design as well as margins. With the latest update of the Windows 10 OneNote app printing, all the notes and converting them to digital notebook has become very easy.


Microsoft Office OneNote Automation – Not Desired

The Aspose.Note for the .NET has been constructed with the use of managed codes that do not require Microsoft Office or the Microsoft OneNote to be installed by the user on the device in order to operate with the document of OneNote.   It is a Microsoft OneNote automation option available to the users in terms of its attributes.

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