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What is Aspose.CAD for .NET?

The Aspose.CAD for .NET is a standalone class library that enhances the applications of windows as well as ASP.NET in order to process and rendered the drawings of CAD without the need and requirement for AutoCAD or even any other workflow rendering process.  The class of CAD library permits high-quality conversion of DWG, DWT, DWXF, IFC, PLT, DGN, OBJ, STL, IGES, CFF2 files, along with layers and layouts to PDF format and even the raster format of images.  The conversion of CAD API supports the latest version of the formats and it can convert the CAD to an image format of gif, JPEG, BMP, PNG, and TIFF. The DWG is a file extension that represents the proprietary binary file that is used for the containing of 2D as well as 3D design data. Just like the DFX, which are files of the ASCII the DWG also represents the binary format of the file for computer-aided design drawings which is also known as CAD.  It has vector images as well as metadata for the process of representation of the contents of the computer-aided design files. There are third-party applications as well that support the process of reaching the files of DWG and these files are containing information that is user created such as design, geometric data, and last but not least photos and maps. The file format of the DWG is widely used by engineers, architects, designers, for different designing purposes. It has been involved with the time since it was introduced formally in the year 1982 and it has a robot spine structure but it is not a human-readable file format.  This file format is available for downloading by the open design and the user can download it from this. It contains numerous classes that are depending upon the specific format of file purpose. The files of the DWG usually contain information about the image coordinates and even metadata that is being associated with it.  The user can even convert selected layers as well as layout right from the files of the AutoCAD.

Aspose.CAD for .NET Amazing Attributes:

The attributes of the Aspose.CAD. NET are:

  • It has the best support for the latest version of AutoCAD DWG as well as the files of DXF.
  • It can blend the document of AutoCAD to a high-quality PDF file format.
  • It can blend the AutoCAD to high-quality documents.
  • It can raster pictures.
  • The selection and conversion of certain designs are possible.
  • The selection and conversion of certain layers can take place as well.
  • Tracking of the document conversion procedure is another attribute.

Convert CAD to PDF

Aspose.CAD for the .NET provides the facility and the capacity to the user to convert the drawings of the CAD that are supported PDF format.  The process of converting is a method that is exceptionally customizable and it enables the user to configure the facets just as page size, the color of the background, the style of the scale, and a lot more for the process of rendering.

Convert CAD to Raster Images

The Aspose.CAD for the .NET has the capability of converting the drawings of the cad formats such as the DXF and the DWG to the raster image formats which is supported such as the JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and so on. The API in this case has been exposed efficiently and easily to use all the memes to achieve this goal. The user can convert any drawing that has the nature of the CAD format to raster image formats with the use of simple steps that are elaborated as the user has to load the file of CAD right into the instance of the image and then create a new instance of Cad rasterization option which is mandatory property such as the page height as well as the page width. The user has to create an image option base and later set its vector rasterization option clearly and properly. The library of the .NET for CAD can supply a rendering engine in the core of itself that can convert the drawing of the CAD without the need for any extra software or instrument.

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