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The ASP.NET ZERO is said to be the beginning point for the new process of internet application that contains a contemporary UI and has a robust architecture along with the complete source code. It can save the user time by the process of supplying applications that are shared and that is needed as a pre-built solution for visual studio.  The user does not need to spend a lot of time for the process of logging, authentication, permission for user role Direction, localization, placing of the platform, auditing login, multi-tenancy, elements of UI, and finally the exception of the management system and so on.

ASP.NET ZERO Amazing Attributes:

  • It has a very solid architecture and it is mainly layered and has a clean source code which is created on the frame that has a solid base.
  • They can construct multi-tenancy and a variant, attributes, subscription as well as payment of administration.
  • It has an advanced authentication authorization and the users as well as functions, permission for administration, and even the login choices that are incorporated. 
  • It has a rapid application for the process of development and has built-in attributes and the tooling of the RAD is able to accelerate the user’s improvement every day.
  • It has a complete source code included in it and it allows to get the full source code and the user alteration if the company desires.

Authentication & Authorization

  • It has a business unit service system which is hierarchical and the setting of entities as well as users is possible.
  • User login, resetting of password and validating of email, as well as registering.
  • User, function as well as permission-based consent which is elastic.
  • Impersonation of the user as well as the tenant.
  • Provides user account linking.
  • Has two-factor authentication like mail, SMS, Google authentication.
  • It has a sophisticated setting for the passwords.
  • Delegation of users.
  • Identifies the integration of Server 4.

Rapid Application Development

  • It has a visual studio expansion along with a command-line instrument to create a unique entity within the database right into the
  • Provides templating services to create a very customized code


  • REST as well as HTTP API for all the application along with their functionalities
  • Graph QL API infrastructure for the customers who are the third party

Mobile Application

  • Has a cross-platform mobile program of the Xamarin
  • It is incorporated with the API which is the backend
  • For the process of shared development, it can provide infrastructure

Dynamic UI Localization

  • Consists of entirely localized UI
  • Permit the users to add, remove as well as interpret the languages on the UI
  • Services of the LTR and RTL
  • In it languages such as English, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, as well as Turkish localizations are contained

Setting Management

  • It has a specific webpage for the hosts and the tenants
  • Hierarchical setting as well as a direction for the infrastructure
  • Very easily configurable

Solid Architecture

  • It has a sterile source of code right at the structure of the well-defined solution
  • It has a hierarchical setting and a direction for the infrastructure
  • It is very easily configurable

Based On Medtronic Theme

  • It has the bootstrap established in it.
  • Has a responsive layout
  • Provides multiply design choices to the users

Cross-Cutting Concerns

  • Concerned about validation
  • Process of logging
  • The ability for exception handling
  • Caching
  • Automated security logging and audit
  • Automated link for the process of management and execution of work
  • Has a periodic Audit Log deletion

Automated Testing

  • Provides testable designs for the users
  • Includes the integration as well as the unit of evaluation which is composed of the xUnit.

And More…

  • Has the feature of the Webhook
  • Supports customizable dashboard method
  • Has dynamic entity properties
  • Pre-configurable to set up a Docker container
  • Has real-time push notifications
  • Performs the wallpaper job system with the integration of the Hangfire
  • Provides several zones supports for the tenants, plans as well as the customers
  • Permits the users to display and even download logs out of the UI
  • Shows and displays the history of things
  • Permission for the cookie and download users that are gathered data
  • Displays the setup of the application
  • Personalization of the menu, design, footer, and header per user
  • Integration of the swagger
  • Suppliers that are tested on foremost PAAS like Azure, AWS, and so on.
  • Health checks

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