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What is AlterNET Software Extensibility Studio?

AlterNet Studio permits the user and the developer in order to expand the Winforms or even the program of WPF .NET with the use of the editing code as well as the interface design in capacities that are user-friendly.  It has the ability to provide the users and the developers with a set of component libraries that will enable the user put an application in order to write scripts C# as well as the Visual Basic, typescript, JavaScript programming languages in order to extend the user application along with the custom functionality and later performed the process of running and debugging of the scripts as well as the engine in order to design their interface which is the visual user.

Code editor

 It is a text edit control that has the ability to bring very efficient code editing information into the application of the user. NET.  It has the capability to provide the users with a code editing capability such as code completion process, highlighting of the syntax, outlining of the code, indicators that are visual for the error markers along with bookmarks, and a lot more.


 it is a component of the .NET library which is designed in order to integrate the Visual Basic, C#, JavaScript execution as well as debugging into the user application.  It permits the user the extending application logic without any need for redeploying the application.

Form designer

 it is a control provider of the .NET UI which provides a very quick and convenient manner for the creation of the visual user interface.  It permits the process of placing controls to the surfaces of the design, setting the initial properties as well as writing the handler’s order respective events.

AlterNET Software Extensibility Studio Great Features:

It has the following features and attributes that are stated as below:

  • It is very efficient and the code editor in this case has the ability to match most of the features that belong to their Visual Studio and it has me specifically tailored for the Visual Basic C#.
  • It has the ability to be used on its own or be integrated along with the form designer as well as scripture to edit the code of the script.
  • The scripter has the ability to allow the process of execution of the Visual Basic, C# as well as the JavaScript that are accessing the application which is defined object and later has the ability to provide a set of tools for the process of debugging the script to the users and the developers.
  • It has a visual form designer which has the capability to provide a very quick and convenient way for the process of creating user interface visuals.
  • It permits the user to place the control to the surface of the design and later set the initial properties and handle the event.

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