Braina Pro With Crack + Serial Key Full Version Download [2022]

Braina Pro With Crack is an AI virtual assistant for Windows, In addition to requesting dictation, reading texts. Moreover, Solving math problems and displaying the time, it does so much more. It may look like a clone of a popular virtual assistant today, but it emphasizes productivity. Multilingual speech recognition software that lets you fill out forms on websites or third-party software.

Braina Pro With Crack + Serial Key Full Version Download [2022]

You can also use Braina voice commands to search the Internet, open files, find programs and websites, find information, set reminders, create notes, and more. On Windows computers, you can dictate text, automate processes, and increase productivity with audio. Click here for more information. Also download Device Doctor Pro from SoftwarezCrack.

Braina Crack Download is a virtual platform for Windows computers that allows you to automate tasks and convert text to audio easily. Intuitive AI tools and features are great for everyone. Professionals looking for automation, such as doctors, lawyers, and writers, can benefit from reliable and accurate text-to-speech converters.

Braina Pro Crack + Full Version Download 2022:

The developers of Braina have gone to great lengths to meet the needs of a wide variety of viewers, from students and gaming enthusiasts to busy people for a limited time. Expert reviews and comments from many satisfied users show that the program works as promised.

Braina Pro Activation key tools are also suitable for startups, small businesses, researchers, educational institutions and public companies. Suitable for people with special needs or visual impairment. With Braina, users can automate even the smallest tasks, such as retrieving information from the Internet. Braina (Brain + Artificial) is a productivity-focused artificial intelligence assistant.

Many advanced features allow you to use your computer, create text and manage files with voice commands instead of print devices. Download the full version of brain pro for free. You can also have Braina set reminders, notes or alerts with a personal ringtone. Notes can be edited or deleted as easily as they were created.

Braina Pro With Crack

“Braina is very interested in AI Voice Assistant technology. Instead of focusing on trendy graphics and gimmicks, Braina is very handy, practical and very functional. In their tests, their voice recognition turned out to be very accurate and superior to Siri and Hello Google technology.” and Braina thinks it offers a wide range of features.

”In more than 100 languages ​​(audio). uses audio text software on your Windows computer to automate processes and increase personal and professional productivity, and Braina can perform a variety of calculations ranging from simple sums and fractions to square roots, percentages and prime numbers.

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Main Feature:


  • Braina speech recognition technology supports over a hundred languages ​​and many different accents.
  • Many users use fast and accurate technology to improve their productivity with Braina as an advanced dictation system.

Artificial brain

  • As Brian shows, the science of AI has come a long way. Great efforts have been made to get Brainu to think and understand as a person.
  • Over time, he learns from his own experience.

Individual teams

  • It’s really easy to create custom voice commands for Braina.
  • Increase your productivity by creating your voice command that performs multiple steps at once.

Play multimedia files

  • Managing your video and music files is straightforward.
  • Search for songs, playlists, albums, and videos on local drives or online platforms like Youtube or Spotify.
  • Play, pause, rewind, and control videos or music just like you normally would with a keyboard and mouse.

Speech synthesis

  • Reading text from websites, your work, or your e-book allows you to focus on the content and even the writing style.
  • Braina does an excellent job.
  • Choose between different reading voices and also adjust the reading speed.
  • You can take a break at any time and edit it if necessary.

Master of Mathematics

  • Braina is a very effective talking calculator, but also a powerful mathematician.
  • Advanced problems in arithmetic, trigonometry, prime numbers, percentages, degrees, and roots or set theory.
  • Mathematical definitions can be solved instantly.

Run the command

  • Many computer users usually follow a specific program when they start their computer.
  • For example, you can open a specific group of websites anytime right after you start your computer.
  • Braina can automate the startup process and open these websites automatically.

Braina Pro With Crack + Serial Key Full Version Download [2022]

Braina Pro Serial Key:



  • Easy to install and use
  • So many ways to customize and personalize Braina
  • Excellent online support.
  • Very accurate
  • Plugins are available for decrypting recorded audio files.
  • The superior integrated training program
  • It supports multiple user profiles
  • It does not consume any resources for PC performance


  • Internet connection is required for language activities.
  • Not suitable for users with severe speech or hearing problems.
  • Punctuation for languages ​​other than English can be unstable
  • Not available for Mac users
  • The apps don’t seem to live up to expectations

What’s New?

  • With Braina, you can do everything with just your voice.
  • With it, you can search, play, pause and pause media.
  • The software also helps you resize windows, search for information locally or on the web, and open files, folders, and websites.
  • As a result, you can continue to do hand-taking activities while manipulating your brain.
  • Braina can respond to your commands even when you are away from your computer.
  • This is because there are native apps for Android and iOS that allow you to use your voice to interact with your computer.

System Requirments:

  • Operating System: Window 7/8/8.1/10
  • Ram: 4GB
  • Processor: 2GHz
  • Memory: 128GB
  • Internet Connection is available

How to Download Braina Pro With Crack?

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